Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Launching of OSIM uDiva Massage Chair

Last Monday, I was invited to OSIM's headquarter for the launch of their new product. OSIM had always been known for their massage chairs and all other kind of massagers, back massagers, foot massagers and so forth, but with the new product launched, OSIM uDiva massage chair is really the ideal solution for everyone. I'll talk more about my experience later on.

While waiting for the launching to start, I couldn't resist queuing up for free manicures & hand paraffin treatment. Wah, shiok I tell you! It was my first time I'm pretty sure the rest of them feel as equally pampered as I am.

Drinks refreshments were from Mixes from Mars, once again! If you guys recall from the previous GC Weekend post, our pop-up bar were from them too! What I love about them is that, their drinks are personalized to the palate, mood and flavor preference of every guest. The theme of the night was based on the uDiva colors: Stunning Black, Enchanting Blue, Elegant Beige, Gorgeous Pink & Luscious Maroon. Therefore, the drinks were tailored to the chair colors! So here's my Virgin Gorgeous Pink drink! 

They have a pop-up bar at 83 Duxton Road (Duxon Hotel), so you can check them out! :D

What I simply love about the new OSIM uDiva chair is that, besides being extremely stylish and intelligently designed, uDiva redefines comfort! Unlike most massage chairs which are very stiff and machine like, uDiva gives a very natural massage. Certainly feels like having a real masseur exercising her skills on you. 

There are five massage programmes to choose from: Spa, Happy Hour, Lumbar, Stretch and Sleep.

Can't help it but to give it a try, and the next 10 minutes, I doze off! 

For those of you who has made a guess who's the endorser for OSIM uDiva chair in my Instagram post, and if your answer is Lee Min Ho, you are absolutely right! He is the new endorser for OSIM uDiva Chair! Congratulations to the winners! 

Fret not, OSIM is having another giveaway contest! All you have to do is simply snap a picture with Lee Min Ho at any of the outlets/roadshows, upload it in your Instagram and tag #uDiva #OSIMSG, and simply tell what's your favourite program! (Psst! I have already given clues above! :p) 

One lucky winner will simply walk away with an OSIM uSlender Slim belt massage worth $268 every week from 11th April till 31st May! So don't worry if you didn't win for the first week, because there's a total of 7 sets to be won :)

Do like them on their Facebook Page to keep yourself updated! 

Good luck!

Lydia Izzati

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Amore Fitness: "Feeling good should be this easy."

“Feeling good should be this easy.”

I believe it’s important for everyone to keep themselves not just fit, but healthy too. Keeping yourself fit and healthy isn’t about having a fit toned body. 

Come on, let’s be honest. Most of the time, humans neglect exercising. We tend to come up with so many reasons like, “too busy with work”, “insufficient time”, “gym is too far” and so forth. Truth is, we are just plain lazy.

There’re a lot of reasons why we should keep fit as we age. 

Do you know that daily exercise will help you to feel better? You will have more energy as the result of daily exercise and this will make you feel a whole lot better throughout the day. Besides that, I strongly believe that by embracing your own body, it helps you to be more confident in yourself. When you look good, you definitely feel good. Am I right?

Life is so much easier ever since I joined Amore Fitness.  Because working out is all about having fun! You don't have to worry about the equipment in the gym as Amore also has floor and personal trainers with proper training programmes to teach you to be even be better at working out with the equipment in the gym! For myself, I believe that regardless of how you get your exercise, it should be an enjoyable experience. I love dancing or working out especially with music blasting, and with 500 over fitness classes conducted weekly over different outlets around Singapore, I don’t have to worry about missing out any classes.  

I’ve managed to attend a few classes so far, Kick Boxing, StretchFit, Zumba and CardioLatino. And hell yeah, I love Zumba & CardioLatino so much. Their steps are pretty easy to follow, so you don’t have to feel stressed so much. Where else Kickboxing is a high intensity class, I personally feel it’s the most effective in burning calories. When I went for my first Kickboxing class, I thought I would give up halfway. Haha! I was already panting, trying to catch up with the pace. As for now, I’m already getting the hang of it! 

So what’s in Amore that I love the most? Amore isn’t just a gym, did I mention that they also provide spa services? YES, you heard me. SPA! Imagine after a good workout in the gym, all you can do is just head next door to relax and rejuvenate yourself. 

For those of you whose been dying to try Amore, they’re having a good deal for you to enjoy both Fitness & Spa at the same time. Give yourself a break, go for their classes, loosen up and pamper yourself afterwards!

What I really like about the Holistic Package is that it is very flexible in terms of the choices and that you can choose the classes and massages/facials you want! To get fitter through exercise and be pampered by all the spa treatments at the same time. If I’m busy this month and I don’t have time to gym, I can utilize the package next month as well. This customisation aspect is very convenient for all the busy bees out there!

For more information, you can check out their website at or call 6781 1822!

Come join and work out with me! I’ll be glad to attend classes with you guys!  (That’s because most of the time I’ll always be alone)

Follow my Instagram @LydiaIzzati for more gym updates!

See ya!

Lydia Izzati

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ask me: It's okay to be alone.

Sometimes have you ever wonder, why people are so incredibly against being alone? Loneliness is not something to aim for, but being alone doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely. In fact, I believe spending more time with ourselves, without surrounded by people, we can find solace in the company that matters the most: the relationship within ourselves.

Often, we neglect our own self. We're too busy dealing with our daily lives and it all seemed like we're running in some sort of a race, but hey, what race are we in actually? Have we ever ask ourselves, to what end are we going? We all know that our life is just temporary. And the next minute, death actually awaits us. So my point here, why not we stay happy throughout the ride?

Being alone helps us in someway to be a better person for ourselves. It gives us space, allowing us to keep our minds clear. Often when we sit down and think through, naturally we're letting our mind flows with new information. It helps us to learn new things about ourselves. Something new that you could have discovered that you never actually knew. You see, by understanding yourselves, you gain insight into you as an individual. You will have more time to consciously roam in your mind, to notice the way you think and so forth. More of like a self-reflection. You'll learn to ask yourself questions like, "Hey, am I doing the right thing?" for an instance.

Nowadays, all of us depend too much on others for our happiness. We often use them as distractions from ourselves. And that shouldn't be the case. Being alone actually helps ourselves to be independent. Who says you can't be happy when you're alone? It's like, taking a walk at the town and getting yourself a cute pair of heels. Get me? All of us, we are born alone and die alone. We spend a lot of our lives trying not to be alone, true, but in reality, we are alone the entire time. Like me, writing this now, I'm all alone. You get up and shower, you're alone. You travel to school/work, you're alone. And hey, that's okay. Being alone is wonderful.

You'll finally be able to learn that you're enough to make you happy. The only thing you can never lose and never have to worry about is losing you. You will always have you. Learn to be happy with yourself and everything else positive that comes your way will be a surprise.

I am not encouraging my readers to be alone, (lol!) but hey, IT IS OKAY TO BE ALONE SOMETIMES. Being alone doesn't mean you're a complete loser or you're gonna die, okay? 

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

Monday, February 24, 2014

Advertorial- Life Changing Decision at Shunji Matsuo

11th February 2014, I made a huge life changing decision. 

To…… cut my hair short!

Yes, I did. Amazing right? My friends know me best. I never really had the courage to cut my hair short that's because I love keeping my hair long. What's more, I love styling my hair, curling, straightening them. 

Well to be honest, I secretly did this for my boyfriend. He's been telling me how much he love girls with short hair, girls with short hair looks hot, blah blah blah… so to avoid him from admiring other girls with short hair, I decided to cut it short and look good for him. LOL! So now he don't have reasons to look at other girls! Hmpfh. 

Okay, kidding of course. #overlyattachedgirlfriend

It was partly my 2014 resolution to have a change in my look. 

The standard conversation between me and my stylist Fann for every visit.

Fann: Okay Lydia, today what do you want to do with your hair?
Me: Cut!
Fann: Cut a few inch ah?
Me: No, cut short.
Fann: HAH CUT SHORT!? You serious notttttt? *because she knows me very well I love my long hair*
Me: Yes, cut short. I am serious. Don't ask me anymore before I change my mind! LOL!

And the next minute… 

SNAP SNAP SNAP! There you go, goodbye my long hair.

I've decided on doing soft rebonding once again to touch up my outgrown roots. Naturally, my hair is wavy. So I didn't wanna ended up having short curly hair. Or else I'll look like aunty. Haha! Oh yes, soft rebonding is always the best compared to normal rebonding. It gives you a natural finish! Not too straight. 

As usual, Fann used Cosme Cream & Sherpa products for my hair. Sherpa products is good especially with damaged hair (or if your hair is always in contact with chemicals), as it replenish the hair with the essential nutrients. 

Next step, straightening. 

I'm always excited during this part, because I know I can roughly get an idea how will I look like. And because I know, the whole entire process will be done soon! 

Last but not least, the last step: Neutralization
In case you're wondering, this step ensures that your "already-ironed-hair" last longer. 

And here's my final result! 

Shameless selfies of myself inside the saloon. LOL!

For once, never did I ever regretted cutting my hair short. I simply love my short hair now! Having short hair makes my life so easier. I no longer spend half an hour inside the shower, I no longer spend twenty minutes blow drying my hair, I save so much time everyday. Yay! 

Definitely a new change in me. A fresher look. 
What do you think, readers? ;)

Well, if you're contemplating to cut short or not, seek my advice, JUST DO IT! Haha. Hair will grow eventually. To be honest, I didn't really worry much because I know my hair will grow pretty fast. So yeah, no worries to me. Most importantly, my boyfriend loves my hair. Which makes him… love me more! Oh, he better be. LOL!

If you own a wavy hair like mine, go for soft rebonding. It definitely save your hassle of ironing your hair everyday, or better still, always remember to blow dry your hair ends. Feel free to give Shunji Matsuo a call to enquire about their hair services at 67375311, alternatively you can just head down to my outlet at I*CON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu at Far East Plaza. Remember to quote "Lydia Izzati" to get 10% off any chemical services! 

Thank you once again, Shunji Matsuo!

Met my boyfriend afterwards to surprise him and..

He was extremely happy with my new short hair! Yay! 

 Things I do for my boyfriend :p 

Another random video by us! Hehehe. 

(Melted every single time he sang to me :p)

Till we meet again at the next post!

Another shameless selfie of myself and my new hair few days later, hehe.

Lydia Izzati

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Picnic at Waterfront x GC Weekend!

As you know, every year during Chinese New Year, there's nothing much we(non-chinese) can do, that's because most of the shops were closed. No shopping, no walking around town, nothing. Therefore, me and Aiman decided to spend our day going for a picnic at Woodlands Waterfront!

Nothing beats the joy of getting to spend the day with your partner. I honestly think that maintaining a relationship takes a whole lot of effort and therefore, we should never get lazy in trying to make our partner feel special or happy. Spending time together doesn't mean going on fancy dates or going to high-class restaurants, unless for special occasion of course! I always try my best to keep our expenditure low, thus, picnic would be a good idea!

And if you were to ask me, I'm the kind of girl who likes to spend my day with my boyfriend walking at the park, lie on the mat, talk crap with him, debate over certain issues, ended up arguing, joke about it, laugh at our silly jokes, watch kids running around the playground, and so forth. I guess it's the quality time spent that matters the most.

"Our relationship is like Tom & Jerry. We tease each other, knock down each other, irritate each other, but can't live without each other. "

 My boyfriend irritates the hell out of me every single time. Most of the time, I fee like strangling him. And the next minute, I feel like running to him curling up in his arms. Funny, isn't it? The same person who gives you so much laughter and happiness, could also be the same person who gives you all of the opposite. 

Whenever I'm pissed, he'll ended up giving me that cheeky innocent smile which LITERALLY, made me stop being mad for an instant. Tsk!

 To be honest, our love story is not perfect. Not like any other fairytale love story. We do face a lot of hardships, fights, quarrels. But at the end of the day, it's important to bring out the best in it. Love is a beautiful thing - sometimes sad, sometimes tragic, sometimes full of sorrow, suffering and pain. - but ALWAYS full of love. 

I've learned to listen to my heart. I have learned that if you never make room for better things and better ways to be, if you have never clear out the things in your life that stands in the way of your happiness, then you are not aligning your universe to allow for amazing things. In life, you don't find yourself. You create yourself. And that same goes to love: you don't find love, you create a road for love to travel and wait for it to come.

My best shoulder to lean on.

We actually came up with a random video, which many of you out there who might be familiar with. "The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag". I had so much fun recording the whole video, I couldn't stop laughing looking at it over and over again. Please bare with me as you play the video, the wind was too strong on that day therefore you can actually hear the sound of wind. Heeee sorry! :/

Happy watching! Stay tune till the end of the video for bloppers! :p

And again, it's the time of the month for all the Gushers to gather once again for GC Weekend! Since the theme is Chinese New Year, I've decided to put in a little bit of effort in dressing up. Thank you so much once again Hollyhoque for this gorgeous piece! Simply love the dress! And as usual, brought my dear boyfriend along with me. Hehe!

Honestly, this was by far one of the most packed GC Weekends I've ever attended! Lol! What's more, there's so many goodies and fun activities lined up for us. 

Yummy JCo Donuts!

Tony's Pizzas!

And probably one of the best thing that everyone enjoyed throughout the entire night, our very own pop-up bar from Mixes from Mars! For your information, Mixes from Mars supplies everything needed for drinks to be served everywhere, at any occasion. So if you're looking for something like this to save your hassle of handling drinks at your own party, now you know who to look for! ;)

 Fret not, you can also find them at The Duxton Hotel! 
Picture courtesy from Mixes From Mars facebook page. 

Super-friendly staffs, great drinks. Can never ask for more!

Another main highlight will definitely be the karaoke session sponsored by Pioneer! Everyone was literally singing their hearts out and it's so fun to see everyone participating. Thank you, Pioneer! 

My two darlings, Eunice & Asyiha! <3

When you put two annoying guys together, oh god…. Hahahahaha! But I gotta thank Fai for always "layan-ing" Aiman! Lol!

So glad I managed to meet the chio Zhou sisters once again! Hehehe. 

And yeah, my kpo boyfriend.

My darling manager, Audrey! 
I just realized that our outfits looks similar, no!?

 Can't help to upload this picture but look at Audrey's face! HAHAHAHA so epic!

Great night. Good company. 

Till then!

Lydia Izzati