Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Weekends with Love! Megazip Adventure & USS Halloween Horror 4

Last week was one of the best weekends I ever had. I've been wanting to go on a date and spend the weekend with my boyfriend because I really miss him so much. Not that it's just "I miss you" kind of thing, but it's just that feeling of miss spending the quality time together, just the both of you. Well, I can't deny we met almost all the time, the most that I can go without meeting him is probably 2-3 days in average. But most of the time that we met are usually on random dinner, or hanging out with friends. I really wanted a proper outing so badly, you know? (Deprived girlfriend over here! Hahahaha) 

So one week before, we decided… Okay why not let's go Sentosa next weekend!

We started our day earlier by going for Megazip Adventure. It was rather impromptu and unplanned to be honest, and thank god our friend was working there, so we got to try their two famous ride which is the Megazip and Parajump. And to be honest, I'm a sucker for heights. I can't emphasize further how sissy I can be when it comes to anything that's related to height and I would never want to give it a try. PHOBIA OKAY! I refused to do the Parajump first because I was super scared. 5 stories high okay! So, approximately about 50m drop. Aiman went to do the jump first and the next thing, he managed to psycho me do it too. He said, "Baby, this one not scary. The flying fox one more scary you know." Yeah, right.

Doing it all for the love of my boyfriend, I took the courage to overcome my fear, and I'm proud to say that I finally did it! Wohoooo! But ok guess what, I actually took 6 minutes to jump. 


But at least, I did it okay! Next was the Megazip. Which is also known as the Flying Fox. Again, I was 75 meters high. And only god knows how nervous I was! 

Look at the expression on my face. That explains. HAHAHA!

But it was super duper funnnnnnnnnn! 

Now if you were to ask me which one is more scarier, I would definitely say the Parajump is scarier. Felt like I was about to commit suicide I tell you. But it wasn't that bad afterall. If you were to ask me if I would wanna do it again or not, errr I'll think about it :p

After which, got ourselves ready for our next activity which was..


The typical tourist shot, lol.

By the time we reached Universal Studios, it was already packed. Everyone was already in line queuing up before the gate opens. 

There were four haunted houses in total with four different scare zones. We started with the one furthest to the entrance which is the Scary Tales zone, followed by The Lab haunted house. 

So, my verdict for all the Haunted house? Here's my personal point of view from the scariest.

1) Jing's Revenge & Mati Camp
2) The LAB
3) Jack's 3-Dementia 

Notice why I put both Mati Camp and Jing's Revenge in number 1? I personally feel that both are scary equally. How do I judge..... when both me and Aiman screamed a few times in both haunted house. Lol!

See that queue up there? The queue was madness, I tell you! I remember waiting for almost 45 minutes for every haunted house. Initially we thought of getting the express pass after we queue for the first haunted house but only to know that the price was $70 per ticket on the event day! I find it rather ridiculous if I were to pay additional $140 for two just to get faster waiting time. So yeah, eventually we just joined in the queue! 

But it wasn't that bad afterall because the queue was actually moving pretty fast. 

Tips to those of you who're keen to purchase the express pass, do purchase before hand because it's $50 and it's much cheaper! (Pfft, regretted not buying it earlier)

Bought this Blood bag which cost us… $12, if I'm not wrong? 

Last but not least, it's a must to not miss out any of the show! Jack's Nightmare Circus was awesome.
The Exorcism show at Demoncracy was good either. Well I must say the atmosphere is really immersive. Where else the scare actors all look incredible with their costumes and make-ups. Two thumbs up to all the actors!

And if I had the chance to again, I will definitely come again next year! Thank you so much baby for bringing me to USS Halloween 4 this year. Things you'll do for me just to make me happy, I can never ask for more. 

It was definitely a good weekend spent with my dear boyfriend. Thank you for your time and your  effort, ensuring that I have an awesome time and be the happiest girl, it really meant a lot to me. From Megazip Adventure to USS Halloween 4, we totally had a good time, don't we?  Now that I'm flying off in two days time, I'm gonna miss going on dates with you but I promise we'll go for more dates when I'm back! Meanwhile, please think of what shall we do next :p 

To many more adventures together! 

Love you big time, baby. 

Lydia Izzati

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wonders of Clarisonic!

If there’s one thing I could choose about what I like about my features, I’ll definitely pick my skin. Not that I have perfect skin, I’m pretty blessed that I have a fine decent skin. Probably the genes from both parents. Even when I was going through the puberty stage during my teenage days, I didn’t really experience any major breakouts. I can honestly tell you guys that the only time I’ll have pimples will be during the time of the month. And I’ll have one or two pimples growing on my face. And that’s it.

I’m still thankful whenever people complementing my skin, especially make-up artists who worked with me before, they always commented it’s always easy to do my face. They don’t have much to conceal, except for my dark circles of course! Lol!

I don’t have any secret to a beautiful flawless skin. But I always believe that the secret to look good isn’t by the tons of make-up you put on, but on how you take care of your skin. Yes, make-up does wonders in concealing all your pimples and covering up your pores. But, it won’t work in the long run. Don’t tell me you want to keep on applying make-up every single day just to look good? Our skin needs to breathe okay! Important.

So, my secret to have a good, healthy skin? Drink loads of plain water. Always remove make-up before going to sleep. Moisturize your face.

I’ve seen facial brushes everywhere, and some of these “knock-offs” can go as cheap as $3-$5!? What the fish!? I’ve always been skeptical about facial brushes, mainly because I truly believe my skin, is no sandpaper. I don’t want to sensitize my face, drying it out and causing more oil secretion in the long run. Also, I read many reviews of the other brushes breaking down as they were unable to hold up to the claims of being water resistance and they were simply just too vulnerable to tensions (drops). I’m the kind of person whose very bo chap, I don’t really splurge so much on facial products, but now that I’ve read reviews of people using Clarisonic for years.. no doubt, it’s probably one of the greatest invention I came across! It’s definitely a good investment to more healthier and radiant skin!

Thank you so much Clarisonic Singapore for sending me all of these products! I don’t think I’ll even afford to get all of these with my own pocket money. So blessed! :’)

What I’ll be sharing with you guys on my post will be my experience using Clarisonic products.  Before I confuse you guys, the only difference between Clarisonic Plus and MIA 2 is that, Clarisonic Plus can be used for body too, where else MIA 2 is only compatible for facial. (I’m glad I got the Plus! So I can do both facial and body! Hehe) Similar to the Mia 2, Clarisonic 2 has a timer. It beeps once every 20 seconds which indicates to you that you should move onwards to another part of your face.

You can change the brush head to a different function, the default one that comes with the first purchase is the sensitive head. They do have a softer delicate brush head and a more abrasive deep pore brush head. It is recommended that you replace the brush head every 3 months.

I apply on lathered facial foam evenly on my face first before landing this device on my face. While I'm aware of my obsession and addiction of over-using newly purchased facial products, I tried to resist it as I've read reviews of the purging stage. It was reported that subclinical acne (small bumps without heads) and whiteheads appear. I'm wary of having pustules especially when filming is starting so I'm keeping usage strictly at night.

My first usage was…. AMAZING. I’m not exaggerating, no kidding. I mean, my face never felt so clean before. Like if I stare up close at my nose in the mirror immediately after the wash, my nose is clearly less oily. (No doubt it’s the best seller in Sephora!) Normally, after deep cleansing with rich lathered soap, my nose is still oily AFTER wash. To be honest, I’m extremely impressed that this brush can wash my face so thoroughly in just a minute. The exfoliation was gentle, with no peelings. Not only that, my Clarisonic Plus is applicable for body too! Tried and tested, it certainly helped to tackle ingrown hairs from my shaven legs! Hehehe.

After about a month of consistent usage, I'm here to give the verdict. My pores had become cleaner and when I'm just lazy to remove my make-up every night with makeup remover, this takes most junk away. The gentle exfoliation allows the pores on my cheeks and nose to shrink, blackheads were significantly reduced. I gotta be honest that it might be pricey to others. No doubt good thing doesn’t comes cheap, but I guess it does its job well to wash your face. Not to worry! If you’ve been constantly following me in my Instagram, it’s never too late to participate in my giveaway for Clarisonic MIA 2!

I was also given the Deep Pore Replenishing Kit to try it out. Allow me to share with you guys my bare-faced pictures.

(Don’t judge hokay! I know I look totally horrible with my dark circles & eyebags! L)

Deep Pore Brush Head: Unlike the brush I'm regularly using (the Sensitive Head Brush) this head has a particular gradation of bristle firmness, which is much firmer at the core.  The dual action movement makes it easier to reach difficult areas such as the skin around the nose. This is why it is perfect for large pores and oily skin. This head is still gentle and safe, and can be used twice a day. I like it and have noticed an improvement especially with pores. I have combination skin, therefore I still prefer to use this head to treat the nose and the areas around it. Then I switch to the Sensitive head to complete the treatment. This way I have never had any problems. If you have oily skin you can certainly use it as your only head brush.

The Deep Pore Daily Cleanser is formulated with SebuCon2, a pore refining sebum controlling complex that contains salicylic acid and zinc gluconate to fight bacteria and control sebum production. It also features exfoliating fruit acids, such as apple and lemon extracts, and peppermint that purify pores. I'm usually not a fan of foaming cleansers, but I've found this one not to aggressive on my skin. Despite that I wouldn't recommend it to people with sensitive/normal skin, as the salicylic acid could irritate your skin. What I also like about the Deep Pore Cleanser very much is that it is completely parabens- sulfates- phthalates- free. Perfect!

The Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask should be used two times a week. Clay masks are usually quite aggressive and most times your skin will break out right after. This is not the case, as the Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask, with its creamy texture, is absolutely gentle, therefore can be used by anyone, even if you have dry skin. Rich in natural mineral and botanical ingredients, the mask absorbs sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells and declass pores. The mask works very well, and your face will look radiant just after the first use. Your skin will feel soothed and soft thanks to soothing ingredients such as aloe and chamomile. As I just said I would recommend this Clay Mask to anyone. If you have very dry skin I would recommend just 1 application per week.

And that’s how I look like after I wash my face. Lol!

Clarisonic Singapore has been really kind to not just give away their MIA 2, but also the Deep Pore Replenishment Kit! This shall be a good opportunity for those who're keen in getting this product. 


It's pretty simple! Just leave a comment below why you think you need the Deep Pore Replenishment Kit! After which, share it in your Facebook and DON'T FORGET to tag me and ClarisonicSg so that we can read your entry! Simple as that! :)

Now, good luck!

Remember ladies and gentleman, keep your skin healthy!

Lydia Izzati