Saturday, September 19, 2015

Knock knock... whose there?

Almost everyone has been asking me, what I've been up to? My last update was in April! Yikes. I've not been blogging for quite awhile, that's because 1) There's virus in my MacBook therefore whenever I tried to use it, it'll keep on crashing. Too many pop-ups, and so forth. I'll get annoyed and then I'll dump them aside. It's really making my life difficult to blog at the moment. Well, you served me well for 5 years now dear macbook. It's time to get you replaced soon. 2) Secondly, I've been dying to get this blog layout replaced for A YEAR now as promised by some. But urgh, whatever. I'll get it done myself soon. 3) Spent a couple of months making my trip to and fro to Kuala Lumpur.

And that's what I'm gonna talk about next.

For some of you who might have known, I've recently took one step further in my acting career to go across the border. Yes, finally, I've made up my mind. It took me actually a year to decide if I should, can you believe it?! As you know, it's not easy. I'm a home person, and I get home sick easily. I prefer to stay within my comfort zone. I can't leave my room for days. I'm very attached to my family and Aiman, and the list goes on. So to me, leaving all these behind was really a big deal to me. And I'm actually glad I did. Because I felt that if I don't, I would have probably regret few years down the road. I strongly believe that opportunity doesn't come twice knocking on your door, therefore, grab the chance and embrace every moment of it.

Beginning was always the hardest. Adapting to a whole brand new environment. New people. New lifestyle. New working pattern. To be honest, it's tough. And I know it'll get tougher after this. The first few days when I was all alone in KL, I broke down so bad. I wanted to go home so badly. I know nobody, I have nobody. I was on my own. I had to figure out my way to wherever I go. Screw to whoever whom you thought might help you out when you're there, pfft. Yep, till the extend I go broke because in KL, you'll need to cab to every destination. Unless you have a car of course. I kept on topping up my phone credit because gb runs out very fast. It was a crazy ride, indeed.

Alhamdulilah, everything went well. Managed to wrap it up on time. Managed to get home for Hari Raya on time too. It was a good experience. I shall not say much, but I can't wait for the final outcome. Most likely it'll be premiering in January 2016, therefore, keep yourself updated with this space!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review on Zeta En Rawdah | Rosevalley.Co @ Singapore Expo

I'm pretty sure isn't new to anybody by now. is the sole distributor for Nealofar Hijab, Leuniey Natasha Hijab and many other famous celebrities brand.  I've blogged about them previously on their event, and here I am.. bringing good news to you ladies once again.

RoseValley will be having a booth this coming 26th-29th March for MegaExpress Halal 2015 at Singapore Expo 5! 

For those of you who've been to their previous private events, you should know by now how crazy the crowd can be. Be sure to be early, so that you won't be disappointed if it goes out of stock! Their items are always selling fast like pancakes, even for myself I had to wait till the next batch to arrive :( 

Anyway, I was invited to their private event two weeks ago on the launching of the new product that they'll be bringing in. 

"Zeta En Rawdah"
Zeta En Rawdah is an illustration of its founder from the two gorgeous sisters, Rozita Che Wan and Ayu Raudah. It personifies a person of immaculate style and impeccable beauty who holds admirable  persona and often regarded as successful individual in their society. 

Truly humbled that I get the opportunity to meet Ayu Raudah personally. She's super friendly and down-to-earth!

And of course, I was given the chance to try out their products! 

Two Kingdoms
If you're a fan of instant hijabs, this shall be a prefect one for you! Similar to all the instant hijabs out there, you just have to put it, no styling skills required, no inner required and you're good to go! But what makes it different from the rest, of it's unique two-tone colors. Two kingdoms present two colors of express shawl to be combined into one. You can simply flip to the other side if you feel like wearing a different color! More of like 2 for the price of 1? :)

Tadah! Works perfectly for me! Love it!

Lace Grace
Lace Grace is a shawl that presents a person that loves simplicity with a tint of glamorous touch. It's semi sheer and made of Chiffon Gorgette. This shawl requires a little bit of basic styling. Works like any other hijab, you'll need to put on an inner before putting on Lace Grace. My mum love this piece! 

Pardon me for my not having so much skills in donning a hijab, might not be perfect to any out there but at least I tried! And Insha Allah in time to come I will be able to do it :)

So, which Team you're at? 
Team Zeta or Team Rawdah? 

Well, if you ask me.. errrr I can't decide! If you love simplicity, basic and classic, you'll love the Two Kingdoms. And if you're up for bold and elegance, you'll definitely love Lace Grace! 

I would pick Two Kingdoms anytime, because for a beginner like me, I'd prefer anything that's instant. Just put it on, and you're all good to go! Maybe in the future when I'm better hands on in styling the hijab, Lace Grace would be perfect. Price wise? Reasonable & affordable! You can check out their website for their full range of their products here.

Now, will be having booth at Singapore Expo from 26th March-29th March, so please don't miss out ok? And if you wants to see Ayu Raudhah in person, she will be making an appearance on the 28th March (Saturday) from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. Fans can take pictures with her with every Zeta En Rawdah Hijab purchase! 

 Singapore Expo Hall 5, Booth G17 & G18
26th-29th March 2015 (Thursday-Sunday)
12 noon - 10pm

And of course, any special discounts for my readers? Of course there is! RoseValley.Co is always very nice in giving discounts to my readers, hehe! :p

There you go! 

Print this out for your mummies, aunties, girlfriends, and don't forget to use the $5 voucher! :D

Happy shopping!

Don't forget to check them out at their various social media platforms:

Lydia Izzati

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Bali Trip with GC peeps!

I know many of you guys have been waiting for this moment, and yes, finally I’m done with all my post-holiday syndromes and I can now talk about my Bali trip!

Before I proceed further, I would like to say thank you to KLM for flying us to Bali and Airbnb for sponsoring our accommodation, because without them, this trip wouldn’t possibly happen!

Check out the official video here!

For those of you who has been an avid reader of mine, I’m pretty sure most of you know that this isn’t the first time I’ve been to Bali. Despite being in Bali for the third time, but this trip is definitely a special one for me. Why? I remember Aiman telling me he wanted to go for a last holiday before he enlist for NS. Co-incidentally, I was given the opportunity to go on a holiday trip to Bali with my GC family just a few days before his enlistment. So, I thought, why not I’ll bring him along? Hehehe. So I did surprised him with flight tickets to Bali on that very same day.

Gushcloud's female bloggers for this trip!
Isabel, JunYing, Joanna, Eunice and myself.

With my dearest Eunice! 

I just love her camera but of course I love her more! Hehe.

And of course, thank you so much KLM for flying us to Bali! It was my first time flying with KLM, and oh boy, I was definitely impressed with every single thing. Form their in-flight interactive entertainment to their tasty delicious food served and not forgetting, their warm hospitality and good service, everything was just complete. I didn’t slept throughout my 2 hours 30 mintues journey, but I was too engrossed watching my movie.

Our flight was at 5.30pm local time, and by the time we touched down Bali, it was already completely darkness. Since there’s a total of 10 of us, we were divided into two groups for our two separate Villas. On the first villa was me, Aiman, Eunice & Fai, and Isabel.

We were then introduced to our Villa host, Ika. And guess what? The minute we stepped into our Villa, all of us went crazy. Literally! It was sooooo beautiful, super spacious rooms, with awesome swimming pool with integrated Jacuzzi, well-equipped kitchen… everything was just complete! Definitely perfect for families and group of friends!

Ok, I didn't managed to take pictures of the Villa on the first night because it was already dark.

So this is how it looks like at night.
Scroll down more to see the pictures of the Villa during the day, ok? :p

So me and Aiman decided to spend to spend our first night chilling by the pool..

Gazing at the stars and moon, admiring our huge home for the next three days.

Day Two
Rise and shine! Are ya'll ready to take a look at the Villa?

Okay, let’s just let the pictures do the talking. Presenting to you, our Villa Ocean Eleven, which is conveniently located at the hearts of Seminyak. 

Our dining area. 

And this is the living room, the area where all of us chill and lepak!

The fully-equipped kitchen! Refrigerator, stove, LED kettle or even the Nespresso Machine. They even have all the utensils and cooking pots for you to cook! How awesome, right? :) 

Theres's a total of four bedrooms, three bedrooms which comes with King size bed and our own private bathroom, where else the other one smaller room, inclusive of a sofa bed. The whole entire house offers air-conditoner, so you don't have to worry about that.

So, here's my room! My room is situated in the second floor, which is also known as the master bedroom suite! Weeeee.

Just take a look at the hugeeeee bathroom! I'm loving the bathroom! 

And my open view to the pool and the garden! Imagine waking up to this every single day? 

And the lepak corner balcony which is just next to my room.

And if you can see at the somewhere left/middle of the picture, that's one of the bedroom. 

And that's one more bedroom right there! 

Both of the rooms that you just seen are the ones on level one. But our bedrooms are pretty much similar. 

What I love about this Villa, it has a combination of modern architecture with a touch of Balinese life style.

Everything was just complete. We had our host Ika to ensure everything goes smoothly, our two lovely helper Ayu and Eva to prepare our breakfast and clean our villas every day,  and our most patient driver Komang, who brings us wherever we want to go, anytime, any day. Not only that, we were also given a phone to call them in case of any emergency, and also an iPad for our own use during our stay. We don't have to worry about getting bored, they also provide the Phillip Starck sound system where we can blast our music while enjoying the pool. The villa is even equipped with a PS3 and games! Can you actually believe it!?

I honestly wouldn't mind spending in this Villa for the rest of my stay, lol!

So we actually spent our afternoon in the the pool, embracing every moment of our time in Bali. Hahaha! 

After which, all of us decided to go out and do a lil bit of shopping. Since there's 10 of us, Komang was kind enough to allow the 8 of us squeezing in the car, while me and Aiman rented a bike. 

Aiman is more vain than I am. So whenever we want to take a picture, he'll take a longer time adjusting his hair. Pfft! 

Eunice what are you doing?! HAHAHA!

After doing a little bit of shopping, me and Aiman somehow got parted from them. While the rest of them went back home to prepare for the BBQ night, me and Aiman continued riding and our shopping at Kuta area. 

And if you think girls take longer time to shop, you are absolutely wrong. Aiman definitely shops way much more than I do in Bali. 

Zzz me falling asleep while waiting for him to choose his t-shirt..

We were too hungry as we haven't had any proper meal the whole day, so we stopped by at our favourite place in Bali to have our Ayam Penyet!

And on our way back home, we got lost. Not only that, our bike tyre was punctured while we were riding back, so we had to stopped at the side road and seeked for help.

See that?! That freaking screw who puncture our tyre! Thank god we managed to find someone by th side road who could change the tyres for us.

And since we were lost, we had to find our way back to our Villa on our own. 

But of course, getting lost with your partner isn't a bad thing after all. It's actually quite fun! Because when you get lost with your partner, it'll actually reveal their true colours. You'll actually learn each other better on how to handle stress situations. While some couple fight about who took the wrong turn, or who leads the wrong direction, you'll then figure out that there's no point stressing but to just go with the travel flow. Not only that, getting lost can lead to unexpected adventures. And with all that, it definitely makes the best memories and stories. 

So, my advice to people out there, it's okay to get lost while traveling! Embrace the moments of getting lost and enjoy the experience with your loved ones! ;)

We reached back the Villa pretty late and the rest of us started the bbq night already! Oh yes, we actually had our own BBQ night/pool party at our own Villa. Everything is just so easy, all you have to do is let the host know in advance, the food that you want, and they will prepare every single thing for you! You don't have to worry about a single thing!

And dinner is served!
The only picture taken before everything else was gobbled up. 

And of course, our every night routine to chill by the pool.

My lepak girl, Joanna! So glad I get to travel with her again for our second Guschloud holiday trip! 

Day Three
It's a chill day for us therefore we decided to hit the beach! First stop was Nusa Dua beach. 
Yep, typical singaporeans with selfie stick spotted. LOL!

My favourite photo with baby! 
I am madly in love with GoPro that I am planning to invest on GoPro 4 next, hehe.

Next, we proceed to Seminyak beach. Which is also known as Double Six beach. Well, if you're looking for a perfect spot to enjoy the bali sunset, I guess Double Six beach can be the ideal spot. It's definitely lesser crowd as compared to Kuta beach, and it's very relaxing indeed. You can definitely enjoy the sunset while enjoying the live music around you.

Didn't had much photos taken during this time because my phone died on me, and Aiman was using the GoPro while surfing. Yup! What's Bali without surfing for him? Lol! I guess that's the main highlight he'll always look forward to every time in Bali. I knew he love surfing so much, I decided to get for him GoPro's surfboard mount so that he could capture nice pictures and videos while surfing. 

Managed to capture our one & only photo before the sun sets! 

 All of us head back to our Villa to get all washed up and get ourselves ready for dinner. So what's Bali without having seafood dinner by the beach? None other than the famous Jimbaran Bay! Again, I didn't managed to capture any picture of the food that's because I was too hungry, all I wanted was to just eat. Hahaha!

Saw someone selling "Jagung Bakar", I just couldn't resist I had to get one for myself.

So cheap and sedapppppppp! Yum yum!

Since it's our last night in Bali, we decided to head down to the streets of Legian to experience the nightlife in Bali. 

And that pretty much sums up our night! 

Day Four
 The girls had our massage done at our own convenient, in our own bedroom on the last day. Yes! We were told by our Villa host that we could redeem our massage treatment, and all of us got so excited because we don't have to get out of our Villa to get our massage! And if you start to wonder, all of these are inclusive in our package during our stay. How awesome! :D

All of us had to leave Bali with a heavy heart after that. I really wished I could stay there longer.
And it's about time we had to bid goodbye to our Villa host. 

Thank you Ika for ensuring everything runs smoothly for us, for always asking us if everything's fine, for attending to our last minute BBQ request. Ayu and Eva for always taking good care of our Villa, ironing our clothes, making our bed, preparing for us breakfast every morning and keeping our Villa clean all the time! You ladies are the best!

Thank you Komang, for your patience in driving us around. For always picking us up wherever we are, waited for us to finish our shopping, and for always ensuring our safety back home. I've never met someone as humble and down-to-earth as him, his kindness and sincerity in things that he does simply win all of our hearts. I'll definitely come back Bali again and visit you guys! Cheers to the new friendship made! 

And of course, this trip can't possibly happen without each and everyone of us in this picture! Without you guys, it will never be a memorable trip for me. I am already missing our lepak session by the pool :( 

Thank you so much to KLM for flying us to Bali, thank you so much Airbnb for sponsoring our accommodation! Lastly, thank you so much Gushcloud for this opportunity once again! So much love for my Gushcloud family! <3

 And of course, my other half, thank you so much for your time. For agreeing to tag along with me together with my gc family. Even though you had to fly alone and waited an hour plus for us at the airport, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter because everything else was worth it, right? :p 

I hope you enjoyed your pre-enlistment holiday trip, because you deserve nothing but the best from me. 

Here's a whole summary of our trip! 

I love Bali so much I will never get bored of that place. It could be my third time going but I've yet to explore the remaining beautiful places in Bali. 

Till we meet again, Bali.

Lydia Izzati