Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just like any other years, I'm always looking forward to Hari Raya. There's three things I've always love about this festive season.

1) Family gathering! For a big family like mine, we can hardly get each and everyone of our family members to be free on normal days. As such, we take this opportunity whereby everyone will simply gather under one roof! Priceless quality time! :)

2) Feast! What's good without all the delicious finger-licking traditional dishes? Lontong, Rendang, Sambal Udang- you name it!

3) New look! This is my favorite part.

And with that, I shall elaborate more. :p I've always love to look good on special occasions, well who doesn't? With that, I'm more than willing to spend on my hair, make-up, clothes, shoes, anything! But then again, I never thought much of contact lenses until I keep on seeing everyone's wearing it! Truth to be said, I'm never a fan wearing contact lenses. Perhaps, just occasionally. Yes, I'm not kidding.

When the Nuffnang team contacted me recently to make a review on CIBA VISION FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses, I was pretty much excited about it! Putting aside the fear of wearing it, of course. :p And to come of think of it, hey why not trying something new for this year's upcoming Hari Raya?

I was having hard time to choose two colours because FreshLook ColorBlends has a total of 12 range of colours! Good news about this lenses! It's an advanced 3-in-1 color technology for the most natural eye change! FreshLook ColorBlends patented 3-in-1 technology blends three colours into one to create the most natural, subtle eye colour change for a beautiful look.

So this is my first look!
Colour: True Sapphire

This lenses are supposedly to give users a subtle colour yet at the same time, vivid-effect natural looking eyes, which I think it delivers quite well. Personally, I feel that the "blue" colour is just nice, not too striking and neither it's scary.
(It's a two diff photo anyway, :p)

The lenses will definitely makes your eyes appears bigger and more attractive instantly. But for myself, I don't think you'll see much difference because my eyes are already big enough O.o Lol!

Together with the smoky aqua blue eyeshadow, I'm so in love with the turn out!!! Don't you love it too? :)

Here's the second look!
Colour: Grey

This is definitely my hot favourite!

I had combination of black and grey eyeshadow for this lense colour. And again, don't you just think it just compliments well? ;)

Ahhh seeing is believing! You should try it yourself.

I think I look even more, beautiful(ehem, self-praising!), because everything is in complete! A total different look this year for me ^^ Now I'm ready for Hari Raya! and errr also.. day out to town! Please mind all the photos, thank you.

My first ever contact lense brand that I bought was also FreshLook ColorBends. At that point of time, I don’t know what brand to start looking for and I got no idea which seller provide good services, since the eye is such a fragile area and it’s just a test for myself to see if I like them enough for long term usage, I told myself what the heck, just get some establish brand that’s out in the market.

What I like from this brand, FreshLook ColorBlends is the effect that can make my eyes look a little bit larger. FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses is also cooperating so well with my eyes. I didn’t even get any irritation at my first time wearing these contact lenses. I guess, it’s because it has a good composite of water inside it, so I feel so much comfortable. Even when I entered the Air-conditioned room, I also didn’t feel poignant, it felt so much comfortable with this soft lenses, I really like this product so well it can match with my pupils.

Sharing is caring! So let share the good news!

In conjunction with our Hari Raya Festival, from now till 30th September 2010, you can get 1 box of FreshLook ColorBlends free with every purchase of 2 boxes of FreshLook ColorBlends at any participating outlets island wide.

Every 2 box + 1 box (FREE!) = 3 BOX OF FRESHLOOK COLORBLENDS!

Do you want to look good and have the dazzling eyes during Hari Raya? :)

Stand a chance to win a pair of FreshLook ColorBlends contact lense specially from my blog!
Yes, just from MY BLOG!

All you have to do is tell me why would you like to try FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses, in not more than 30 words. Remember to keep it short, simple and creative!

Remember to include your name, and a picture of yourself too! (So that I could tell my readers you're the winner! If you win, of course :p) Send in to me at by 6th September!
Winners will be contacted on the 7th September!

You'll never know you might be one of the 3 winners to walk away with a pair of FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses! ;)

Start sending in your entries now!
xoxo, Lydia Izzati

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