Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've always love family occasions, gatherings, outing, whatever you name it! Maybe I'm more to a family person, this is why I love the atmosphere. Especially when I get to meet all my beloved cousins! So last weekend was my cousin's wedding. It seems like time flies so fast, and everyone's growing up so quickly. But heck, one thing I hate about such occasions, standby je ah kene sound bile nak kahwin. Irritating much, but hello aunties! I'm still 18, young and forever be, so please don't pressure me to be the next one. Thank you!

Ok back to the topic. So abang hafidz, that's the end of your bachelor life. You're no longer in our Who'se Available list, hehehe. Now, enjoy your marriage life! Semoga bahagia selalu hingga ke akhir hayat, Insya'Allah amin!

xoxo, yours truly

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