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What does Best friends means?

What does Best friends means?

Different people have different defination to the meaning of best friends. As for me, a best friend means, someone whose close to you, who knows you inside out, who wouldn't mind listening to whatever stories you wanna say even though you've been countlessly repeating it all the time, someone who won't judge you, willing to help you whenever you're in need, and the list goes on. To summarize things up, your best friend is an omniscient person in you! :)

What's the importance of having a best friend?
It is important to have a best friend, because, who are you gonna share your problems with? Whose gonna give you advice in solving your problems? Whose gonna do all the stupid stuff with you? See, there's soooooo many reasons why having a best friend is important in life!

To accompany you wherever you go.
Best friends tend to do things together, go shopping together, so yes, if you have a best friend, you'll have someone to accompany you! Even like going to the toilet! (For girls especially)

And thanks yanie, for sending me to the airport when I went on my own Bangkok trip! Hahaha.

To find solutions to your problems.
Whenever you're having a major breakdown, having a hard time with your boyfriend, you'll definitely need someone to turn to, and that's when you need your best friend. At times, you can't possibly solve your own problems and you need help and advice from others, your best friend will be the best person to talk to cus she knows you best! She'll be the one who will make you laugh, or even laugh with you.

To make you feel loved everyday.
Apart from your boyfriend, family, or so, it is important to have a best friend so that you know that you actually means a lot to someone in their lives. Like myself, I text my best friend every day telling them how much I love them so that they will feel loved every day :)
See what I mean? That's my babygirl.

In addition, I love kissing my best friends too.

So I don't need to worry if I don't have a boyfriend next time, I can always kiss my best friends.

Share the same interest.
I'm sure each of us share at least one same interest with our best friends, right? For myself, most of my best friends love to dance and sing! We love playing kinect!

Yes, we all share the same interest. Not only that, we love going on karaokes!
That's me and my bim in pink! We joined the same pageant together somewhere around last year. Wait, why am I even smiling like that? O.o

And if you're lucky like me, we both share the same idol, Justin Bieber! *screams* fan girl mode ON! Hehehe.

Few months back when I won the Justin Bieber first row tickets, I gave my best friend a surprise and brought her along to watch our idol live in action.
Drooooooooools *air meleleleleleheh hi hi hi*

Our best friend is our mirror.
Our best friend are the one that will tell you there's a chili stuck in between your teeth, or you're having a bad breathe after you ate garlic bread, when you have some hairy spiders sticking out from your nose, or when you're eyeliner and mascara is smudged. That's a best friend's job that no one else would do. They'll criticize in you in a way for you to be a better person.

Like my soulsister here, I wouldn't mind having her criticizing about my new hair cut or new hair colour, because I know she's very honest in wanting me to look good.
Or even in this picture, I got fat arms! Ya, see that. Sigh!
And why the hell do I have even such hairstyles?! O.o
Now why didn't you girls tell me I look like mushroom on that night! (Ok maybe I look cute, nak sedapkan hati punye pasal heh heh heh)

Hate the same person.
This might be a little bit funny, but yes, don't you realize you and your best friend tend to hate the same person? Kata best friend, nak kene sehati sejiwa beb. That's when your conversation keeps on going everytime you both had sleepover with each other. You both will go on like, "OH MY GOD do you know that.. Bla bla bla". think that's normal for girls. :)

When someone else tries to bring down or pick a fight with you, that's when your best friend has to step in, and side you of course! Hehehehehehe.

See the importance of having a best friend? I love all of you my best friends, girlfriends(Even not in pictures, you girls know who you are!) Now, go tell your best friend how much you love them :)

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