Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 Reasons to travel when you're young

When I was younger back then, I've always wanted to take the aeroplane because I have the thought that we will be flying on air, through the clouds, and so on. Well, I was a small kid, of course which child doesn't? As I grow older, what matters more to me, is the destination where the plane would take me to. Yes! It had always been my dream to travel around the world, seeing how beautiful other countries could/would/might have be, you know sometimes you just need to experience it yourself instead of looking through the pictures. For those who have strong passion for traveling, like me, LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Often, again, we tend to have doubts in our head. What about our parents? Will they allow us? What about school? What about job? What about my pet cat? Whose gonna take care of them? What about our expenses?

You might have all these in your head, but be careful, these might just crash your dreams away. When you get older, life seems to just sort of happen to you. Your youth is a time of total empowerment. You get to do what you want. As you step into a higher level of maturity, you'll be settled down with bigger responsibilities. Get what I mean? With that, travel when you're young. You'll never get the chance to be young again.

For myself, I made my first holiday trip of my own, at the age of nineteen, to Thailand, Bangkok. I think it's quite good for a start, right? Hehehe.

Do you know it's good to travel when you're young? Yes, you should travel. See the world. Taste the fullness of life. Experience risk and adventures.

6 reasons to travel when you're young.

1. Traveling helps you to decide what you want in life

It is common in human nature to not know what you really like not until you experiment it. Traveling when you're young can be a great platform to diversify your experience early in life. Each country and city is definitely an opportunity to experiment something different. It's not just about being tourist, it's about experiencing it yourself. At the end of the day, when you look back the moments you've done in life, there's definitely something you'll be proud of.

2. Traveling will makes you a more interesting person

Why is that so? Traveling creates an interesting story in your life. When you come back from your trip, you'll definitely share it with your family and friends about your interesting trip, right? Not only it can be a great interest to others, but sometimes, it can also be eye opener to other people. With that, you'll never know if you could just be an inspiration to others.

3. You'll grow culturally

As we travel around the world, we're exposed to different cultures, different type of cuisines, different type of living and so on. You'll learn how to see things from a different perspective.

Like this..

Do you know that Ronald Macdonald at Bangkok have both palms place together? In thailand, it's called Wai. Usually, they'll great each other by saying Sawadee, and instead of shaking hands, they do the Wai gesture.

4. You'll learn how to be Independant and Responsible

This is definitely a good point especially for young people. As we all depend too much on our parents, it's time where we take a step further and learn how to be independant and responsible for ourselves, and our future. Because when we travel, everything relies on us. When traveling independantly, you are responsible for your plane tickets, accommodation, passport, money. It's like a crash course of life.

5. Learn how to manage your own money

Again, I'm sure most of us have this problem in us. As a youth myself, I tend to spend most of the time, without thinking. Haha! Because we know, we'll always have our parents to support us. In my case of traveling to Thailand, I save up the whole amount and use my own money for THE WHOLE TRIP. Of course, I wouldn't want to be stranded over there, cashless, so I planned earlier for my expenses there. With that, traveling serves a great "teaching lesson" on how to manage your finances. How? If you spend recklessly, you'll see it's effect on subsequent parts of your trip! Like me, I had to eat cup noodles on my last day of my trip, cus I spend too much on shopping on the second and third day! Lol!

6. So you won't regret later in life

Again, you're strongly encouraged to travel when you're young, it's because, we all don't wanna regret later on in life. Think far. Imagine when you're in your 40s later on, at least you have stories to share with your children what you have done in your younger days. Like, visit the Eiffel Tower? Ride a tuk-tuk? Eat fried grasshoppers? Learn Spanish? Bungee jumping off the cliff?

After all, we all deserves a good time traveling! Don't let the opportunity gone to waste while you still can! :)

Let's see where shall I go next? ;)

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