Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sanggul Bridal Atelier Outdoor Shoot

Sanggul Bridal Atelier Outdoor Shoot

Since I'm bored, and I'm running out of ideas on what topic to blog about(as always, what's new), so I've decided to blog about the recent photoshoot that I had together with Sanggul Bridal. As you all know, I've always love bridal shoots, I don't know why, probably gives me the feeling of being a bride, wearing those wedding gowns and etc. Feeling mau lebih! But this time round, I was assigned to wear one malay traditional outfit and another one, haaaaaaaaaaa.. something new!
Kuch kuch hota heiiiii!
I love modeling with fadhil, we're always full of dramas! Hahahaha. Forever with our nonsensical jokes! Well to me, what matters the most, is the amount of fun we all had in our photoshoot. That explains the beautiful outcome of the photos. :)

the four models for the day!
Despite the rain, unpredictable weather, running through and fro back the shelter with my five inch heels, the shoot was indeed successful! Thank you so much again Kak Shilla for the opportunity and thank you fadhil for being my awesome partner. So I shall end my post with my favourite shot..

I'm so excited I cannot wait how will my wedding be like in years down the road, lol! My mum will scream at me if she heard me saying this, ah berangan lagi! Okay see you readers at my next post! :)

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