Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fiesta Suria- Anak Metropolitan 3!

Greetings readers!

Whoa, when was the last time I blogged? I can't remember when was the last time I logged in to my blogger account, and there's so much changes to it! Still a lil bit confused, but I'll get the hang of it. 

Haven't been getting much time to blog due to my busy busy schedule, work yes, and... as right now, we're in the midst of shooting for the new season of Anak Metropolitan 3! As you all know, it has already been on air for the past three weeks, and tonight, will be the 4th episode. I know, for the past three weeks, we've been receiving A LOT of feedbacks, nevertheless, all of us will definitely do our best to put up a good one! Show us your support, will you? It's a whole brand new story line, new casts and everything, of course, the previous cast from the previous season were really good, and we'll definitely do our best to keep up with the standard. So therefore, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! :)

 Anyways, last saturday, the whole team of Anak Metropolitan 3 was invited to grace the event of Fiesta Suria held at East Coast Park, and let me tell you... it was BEYOND OVERWHELMING! There's so many people who came down, it was really fun as we get to meet and greet with the fans!

See you when I see you! 
In the next post ;)

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