Thursday, September 13, 2012

ADVERTORIAL- Zalora Singapore

Who doesn't loves SHOPPING!?

Everyone loves shopping! You, me, whoever. Likewise, I'm a shopaholic. I love to shop, especially online shopping. Yes, I'm a huge fan of blog shopping. Unlike others, I find it very convenient. At your own time, your own comfort. You can be shopping at 3am in the morning and there's no restrictions to it. You can be browsing through catalogues when you're still on bed, and many more! This is why I love Online Shopping!

I'm not particular about any brand when it comes to shopping, but what's important, the quality and comfort! As long as it's nice, I'll just buy them. Really!

So, I actually discover this amazing online website called Zalora. I can't remember how I came across this website, but it's definitely worth my time browsing. What I love the most about them, there's no minimum order value, unlike other online stores. Best part ofall, NO SHIPPING FEES! Yes, you know for some, they actually charge shipping and postage fees etc, in Zalora, none! Woooohoo! And, it's very cheap and reasonable price. If you're student like me, you'll definitely afford shopping here at Zalora, trust me.

I'm a very satisfied customer! On my first purchase, I actually placed my order at 12th September at about 1.30am in the morning. And to my surprise, I received their item today, 13th September at about 2pm! HOW EFFICIENT IS THAT! *thumbs up*

So this is how the packaging looks like..

7 items in total! Wondering what's all that? Heh heh..

Leather Belt cost $23.90!

This Multi-Buckle Strap Ankle Sandal cost $19.9o only!

Thank you Zalora for your super efficient service! :)

Don't forget to take a look at their website!

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