Monday, November 12, 2012

Pitch Perfect was perfectly awesome! I had a good time laughing in the cinema and singing along to all of the songs throughout the movie. I love this movie! I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again, really :)

So if you're wondering what is the movie about, please, watch the trailer first. It ensembles similar comedy chick flick movies like "Mean Girls" and "Glee" at the same time. No, if you're not a fan of those typical musical movies like Glee, trust me, it's different from the rest and you'll definitely love it!

I've always love watching Anna Kendrick because she's really good, and adorable! So what's a movie without love scenes? I've always wonder why they always have good looking guys being the lead role/hero, mhmmmm like Skylar Astin!

Okay, common sense right? You wouldn't want an ugly hero in a movie, don't you? So guys, please, if you dream to be the hero in a movie, you'll make sure you look real good. And, work on your body. Below are some of the examples of the good looking heroes in some movies...
RYAN GUZMAN (Hi baby... melts*)
Actor from Step Up 4 Revolution
Cody Longo!
Anybody remember this cute guy from Bring It On Fight to the Finish? 
And of course not forgetting.. my ever favourite Taylor Lautner! 
Damnnnnnn.. I don't mind watching the whole series of Twilight over and over again just by watching you, hahaha. Speaking of which, I can't wait to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2! Next on my list! 

Okay, why am I posting half-naked photos of men in my blog post? Hahahahaha. Looks so wrong, but it's once in a while it's okay :)

Oh before that, we had lunch earlier at Yew Tee, and surprisingly it really taste good! I shall dine in there more often. So I had mee goreng seafood, together with oats squids, or whatever you name it.

So yes, that's about it! I've yet to watch Ah Boys to Men, but I've heard a couple of good reviews about the movie. Okay, so tomorrow is a public holiday for all of us because it's Deepavali! Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends, my friendly banglas under my void decks, and wherever you are! 

Oh! Speaking of vlog, I managed to record a video the other day but I honestly feel that I sounded so terrible so I deleted everything :( I know, I'm such a loser. I really have no idea what to talk about on my first vlog, so please give me suggestions guys! I've re-activate my formspring back again. So you can ask me questions there or leave your suggestions! Link here  or you can see at the right side of the blog! 

Hope to hear from you guys! 

xoxo, Lydia Izzati

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