Sunday, January 20, 2013

ADVERTORIAL- NUFAA Boutique 1st Collection


NUFAA Boutique started out as a blog shop named StitchAvenue. Owned by three lovely ladies, Syad, Maya and Kade. NUFAA caters to all woman who love casual, chic yet elegant.
I really had a wonderful time working with these three ladies! They're really fun, bubbly and easy-going bunch of happy people. When I was told that I had to model for about 50 clothes... I was about to faint. Lol, kidding! It was for their first collection, so I'm pretty sure they want it to be exclusive. It was manageable of course, I did my ultra best just to ensure they're satisfied with the outcome. You know it's never easy posing in front of the camera for about 50 clothes. 1 pair of clothes = 8 different shots. So imagine how many poses I had to make... HAHAHA. Go count yourself! But it's all worth because... the pictures turned out great! Yeay! I'm so happy! 

I love their range of clothes because it's simply me! From dresses to tops, and bottoms. Wish I could bring back every piece of it..... hehe :p

 Anyways, here's my pick!

 Amani- $29! 
(In mint! There's two other colours available in Blue and Black)

I love this dress because it's really unique! Two-toned green. I love the material. The inner dress is stretchable and the flowy outwear compliments your curve. I've yet to find a perfect day to wear this beautiful dress out, but it definitely suits for a perfect dinner with love! 

And here's a few others of my favourite!
Anabel - $33!
(Comes in four different colours- Black, Green, Peach, White)
You can pair this with stockings or leggings, or if you're feeling sexy and confident, you can simply wear the dress out with your stilettos! 

Adria - $25!
(Comes in three diff colours- Black, Wine Red, White)
This peplum top is a must-have! You can easily pair it with jeans for a casual day out, or if you wanna be more formal, add more accessories like necklace, wear it with wedges!

And last but not least, this is NUFAA's pick! 
Adalyn- $33! 
This sheer outwear that fits all!

Because why...

You can even pair it up with songket! 
Good idea for your hari raya, right? :p 

So, what are you waiting for? Shop your way out now! 

You can find them in facebook too! Just search: Nufaa Boutique

Happy Shopping!

Do remember to hashtag #NufaaBoutique of your pictures in their lovely dresses in Instagram or tag them in their facebook!

Lydia Izzati

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