Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to track your missing iPhone!

On 2nd January 2013, I had a very bad day. I nearly lost the most important device in my entire life, my iPhone 5. I thought it would change my life ever since, but, alhamdulilah, I managed to get it back with less than 12 hours after my phone went missing! I was really lucky and words can't describe how joyful I was. I was really losing hope as you know, not many people get their phone back if theirs went missing right?

So here's my story..

I woke up late for my driving test. I booked at cab and quickly got myself ready. I was only holding on to three important things, wallet, handphone and house keys. As soon as I reached my destination, I literally ran up straight to my classroom. Yes, I ran. I've always made the habit of checking the seat if I left anything behind as I closed the taxi door, but, just that day, I didn't. And just that one time, my phone went missing :(

You have no idea how devastated I was! Being alone, phone-less, I didn't know what to do. I ran down to the reception counter and tried my luck, but nope, there wasn't any phone found. I was pretty sure that I left it inside the cab, so I borrowed a call to call the comfort cab service hotline. Imagine you losing your phone, hoping to track back, but, your call was on hold for 30 MINUTES! Yes, HALF AN HOUR! Gosh, I was really really pissed! Really bad service! In my mind, I was already thinking about all the possibilities.. 

What if another passenger who board the cab after me, found my phone?
What if he/she didn't want to return back?

And, my instincts were right then. 

I managed to get through one of the Customer Service Officer, so here's her explanation:

"Ma'am, another passenger found your phone. She returned it at St Anthony Primary School, at the security guard post there."

WHAT?! Why would my phone be over there, right!? Ridiculous. I quickly hang up the phone, thinking that there would be slight hope, I took a cab and rushed to the school. As soon as I reached the school gate, there wasn't anyone in the school. Yes, nobody. The school was so empty. So I asked, the security guard and he said this, "This school close already lei! It's renovating! The whole school shifted to the one in Jurong East! Not here! Here don't have!" 


I didn't lose hope.. so I cabbed down again to the new temporary venue. And same thing happened. 

"Don't have! Where got phone! No, no! No lady return any iPhone! Go ask the general office!"

You have no idea how pissed off I was. I feel like cursing the customer service officer who gave me the wrong info. Went to the general office and asked if I could borrow a phone call, but they replied me this, "Errr.. sorry ah. You can use the public phone at the canteen." Another stupid piece of shit! Tsk. Imagine if I'm cashless?! So unhelpful of them, sigh. I felt even more stupid when I kept on putting 10 cents coin while my call was being hold just to get through a customer service officer. BAD SERVICE!

After 20 minutes of standing there at the canteen looking all stupid, I managed to get through another CSO. So I asked again, and here's another explanation.

"Ma'am, the taxi driver claimed that he picked a few other passengers after you. First was three malay guys. They alighted at somewhere near the school. After which, a lady who took the cab, found your phone. She then thought it's one of the three malay guys phone, so she returned it to them."


I broke down so bad. And, I was alone.

I lost hope, so I called my dad to rescue me. We went over to Jurong West NPC to lodge a police report. Which was, hopeless, to be honest. There's nothing much they could do actually =/ I mean, how many people in this world lose their phone everyday? And the possibilities of them getting back their phone is... very slim. 

I was very worried. I didn't have any passcode lock for my iPhone. In my mind, I was already thinking about all the possibilities that could happen. Malay guys some more lei, no hope okay?! What if they hack my phone? My facebook? My twitter? What if they browse through my messages? Picture? I know what these boys are capable of, you see. They can always try to sell the phone away, or use it, or anything. I tried calling my phone, but no answer. They kept on rejecting my calls. Obviously they wouldn't want to return it right? :( Till one point of time, they switched off my phone. I lose hope again. 

Couldn't stop crying again.... but... I managed to pick myself up. And not give up! Hahaha. 

Ok so here's the thing that I would wanna share to all iPhone users out there. Do you know how useful "Find my iPhone" app is? Yes, please download it in your iphones. And switched it on.

So what should you do if you lost your iPhone? For those of you who didn't lock your phone, quickly do the first step. 

First, get someone's else iphone. Ensure that he/she has the "Find my iPhone" app too. Log in to your apple ID. After logging in, it should appear like this.

Like mine, I have my macbook, and my previous iPhone 4 using my apple ID account. So the green button shows that your phone is online, which means, it's being switched on. Remember, you can only track your phone if it's switched on. 

So clicked on your iPhone, and it'll appear like this. 

See the center button there? Lost Mode. Remember to put your phone in Lost Mode. 

This is the part where you need to key in a phone number where you can be reached. For my case, I key in my dad's number, so it'll be easier for me. You'll also need to key in a passcode lock, to lock your phone.

And tada! Your phone is being locked! So if let's say someone found your phone and try to use it, when they try to unlock the phone, there'll be a passcode lock. The only thing that they could do, click the CALL button and return back. So, if you found an iphone in this mode, return lor! Cannot use also what?! :p 

So, imagine from 12pm-7pm, my phone was being switched on and off for several times. I kept on receiving notifications from my e-mail that my phone was found at location A, location B, location C. I wanted to cry already. So the last time they switched on my phone was at 7.05pm, last location: Bukit Gombak. 

The end...

That's what I thought.

But eventually...

I got my phone back! 
Alhamdulilah! :')

At 12.34 am, someone used my phone and gave a miss call to my dad's phone. You know what's the weirdest part? It wasn't any young teenage guy's voice but...... a makcik's voice. 

So, who actually found my phone?


The end.

Yours truly,
Lydia Izzati xoxo

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