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Advertorial- D'Nail Palette

Advertorial- D'Nail Palette

As ya'll know, my blog is going through a whole process of "renovation" at the moment. So, do take note if it's a little bit messy!

Before I proceed further, this post will strictly bore all the men out there! :p

Because I'll be blogging about nails! Pretty pretty nails! Presenting to you my nail sponsors..

Two days ago, I did my nails at D'Nail Palette. Just a brief background, D'Nail Palette is a home based manicure salon owned by Phyllis. She was actually my schoolmate back then in my secondary school, so that's even better, right? I can definitely communicate with her much easier so I don't need to worry about awkward silence during my appointment :D

This is my first time going to a home based nail saloon. So I really didn't know what to expect but..

Tada! Look at the comfortable workspace D'Nail Palette has!

Everything was fully equipped with everything a professional nail artist would use. What's more, it's air-conditioned! You don't need to worry about sweating while doing your nails okay ladies?

There's a tv right in front of you, so you won't feel bored either. When I was doing my nails, there's some kind of magic show going on at Channel  5, so I literally had my eyes glued on the TV most of the time without realizing the time passed.

So here's a picture of my nails before.

YES. That's my nails. Ugly and Short :( 

Phyl had a lot of work to do on my nails. I had a lot of cuticles growing out crazily and they were all super dry as well. That resulted to dead skin. Poor nails, hur hur :( I also had this habit of biting my nails at times (guilty for that), so ladies if you want a healthy nails, please don't bite them.

Prepping of cuticles, filing and nail shapping.
Applying the hardgel overlay..

So the night before, Phyl asked me what kind of designs I would want to have on my nails. Being a pink lover, I actually wanted Pink at first, but then again, I remembered that I have Pesta Perdana 12 to attend next week. And I'll most probably wear white.... which means, I'll need something simple and nude-ish! So, I changed my mind.

Design wise, I leave it to the expert to do wonders to my nails :p
 Halfway through..
 My nails under the UV light! 
And I'm almost done!

Wanna see the results? 

Super super love my nails! Simple and cute! :D
I can't wait for my nails to grow longer in approximately two-three weeks time, so I can try out other design. Just take a look at some of the designs they got!

Superbly adorable! Ahhhhh especially anything got to do with Pink and Hello Kitty, I'm in love. (Maybe I can consider having Pink nails for my next visit? :p)

You ladies should really consider doing your nails with Phyl! She's really talented. You can browse through the designs that she has, or if you have anything in mind, you can probably show her in whatsapp and she'll try her best to cater to your wants :) 

So here's a promotion for you sexy ladies out there who wants your pretty nails to be done!

Quote "LydiaIzzati" to get the following promotions:
  • 10% off any Gelish Designs over $50
  • Clear Acrylic/Hard gel extensions for 1st time customer at $76! (U.P $89)
  • Glitter Tips Acrylic Extensions at $80 (U.P $90)

Not forgetting, D'Nail Palette is having an ongoing promotion for monthly birthday treats! Simply flash your Identification Card or Student pass to receive a 10% off on all your spendings during your birthday month! Sounds good? :) 

You can visit their page at  for more info and promtions. Or you view all the their price menu here! You can also check out their facebook page at 

How to make appointments? 
You can either e-mail her at or contact Phyllis at 81331321 for booking of appointments and enquiries. Do make an advance booking to avoid disappointments!

D'Nail Palette is conveniently located at Blk 356 Bukit Batok St 31, about 10 mins walk from Bukit Gombak MRT Station.

Enjoy ladies!

Lydia Izzati

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