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Duality Photoshoot by Qashrul Hidafi Photography

Advertorial - Duality Photoshoot by Qashrul Hidafi Photography

As promised, I'll be blogging about the recent photo shoot that I did somewhere weeks back with my dear sister, Lydia Asyiqin. Our photographer was Qashrul, owner of Qashrul Hidafi Photography. Well, what more can I say? I've always love working with Qashrul! This is probably the third or fourth time he shot for me, and I've never been disappointed with his service. Yes, he is REALLY good. Plus, humble. From my own personal experience, he never fails to deliver whatever the customer expects from him. I've been to several shoots and worked with several photographers, and usually my first main concern would be, "Who will the photographer be?". This might be a little funny, but yes, believe it. Not that I'm choosy or picky, but being a model, I'm much concern about the person that I'll be working with. Because why? I believe that the photographer will actually determines your mood during the photo shoot. Every time I go for shoots, I'll have this back of my mind: HAVE FUN! I don't like going to shoots getting all tensed up and nervous. I'll ended up feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with myself :( 

There's this one time when I worked with this particular photographer, I was feeling uneasy the whole time during the photo shoot. First, he didn't communicate with me during the shoot. Yes, he was literally silent. I had to kept on asking, "Can I change pose? Can I know what shot are you taking now?" And he was just, "Erm... oh okay." He didn't even said, 1, 2, 3 or whatsoever. Weird lor! Tsk.

Yes, back to Qashrul, what I like the most, I'm very comfortable working with him. I'm sure thats the most important thing a photographer wants from their model. Because when you're feeling uncomfortable and uneasy, it actually tells a lot from your face expression. And when your face looked all cramp, you won't be able to deliver. Good models don't let their egos get to them. Practicing humility is a wonderful asset for any model. There are enough divas out there and the industry definitely does not need more. A good model is polite, courteous and appreciative of the people he/she works with. The photographer and crew work with models not for models. Remember that!

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter about your make-up or clothes that you wore, it's about the passion and sincerity you give in doing it. CHEY!

Not that I'm a professional good model, but I'm still learning! I'm more than willing to share with you guys my experience :) Keyword: BE CONFIDENT!

Oklah, enough said. I'm a happy client! Maybe I should consider blogging about this topic :p

Our photoshoot theme was Duality. Ideas were all generated from the team behind the scenes. Anis Razali, the art director, was the one who created the head piece for the both of us. So creative! Not forgetting my MUA for the day, Sheila Sulaiman. I simply love the make-up! 

Ok enough of talking, let me share with ya'll the outcome of the shoot! Allow me to spam the photos..

And the two of us together..
This shot was actually inspired by..

Ok lah, we tried our best though. Hahahahaha :p

And of course, what's photoshoot without fun shots?

And to wrap things up, here's a picture of the wonderful people behind this shoot!

Far left: My MUA the shoot, Sheila Sulaiman.

And on the right, is none other than our super creative Art Director, Anis Razali!

Lydia Asyiqin's MUA left earlier, therefore we didn't manage to snap a picutre. But if you love the make-up on Lydia Asyiqin's face, you can find her in facebook too! 

And last but not least, none other than the man himself, Qashrul!

 For those of you who'se planning to do shoots, be it casual, for weddings, engagements, birthday parties or any other occasions, feel free to PM him! for his quotes He's one friendly guy indeed, don't worry :p Just tell him you're a friend of mine, and I'm sure he'll be extra nice to you. HAHAHA kidding ok qash!

Yes, you can find him here in his facebook.
Or, you can also browse through his FB Page! Simply search, "Qashrul Hidafi Photography". 

 Last but not least, I'm gonna share with you the video that was editted by Qashrul. Super love it lah! 

Okay that's about it! So, what's my favourite picture of all?

I look so angelic, don't you think? HAHAHA.  It's like an angel sent from above :p

Till then!
Lydia Izzati

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