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Nuffnang Contest - Nikon 1 J2 Camera

Nuffnang Contest! 

Who can live without a camera!?

Please don't deny! I'm pretty sure each single soul out there has their own "self-obsession" moments, standing in front of the camera, telling yourself you look good today, your hair behaves well today and there you go taking out your iPhone and start snapping pictures! True enough? It doesn't matter whether it's a digital camera or your iPhone camera, truth is, we all can't live without one.

When I first opened my hotmail account, Nuffnang's email attracts my attention. You know how generous Nuffnang is? They're always having contest and give aways to their beloved bloggers. So the minute they mentioned about Camera, I literally jumped and told myself, "Ok I wanna join and try my luck!"


Kiasu lor.

So back to the story. Yes, I loveeeeeee camera. I once had my camera Canon Powershot SX20 IS back in 2009..

But now, it's resting in peace :(

*side-track* Flashback about a year ago. Girls being girls, we stuff almost everything inside our bag. Wallet, make-up bag, camera, keys etc.. and being the clumsy me, I brought a bottle of coke inside my bag and without realizing it, I didn't tighten the bottle cap and there you go....... my charles & keith bag tasted coke. HAHA! Ok lah actually it's not funny because right after that, I couldn't switch on my camera :(


Back to the topic.

So ever since then, I only camwhored using my phone :( From iPhone 4, to now iPhone 5. I'm pretty much blessed that iPhone 5's camera is quite good and clear, if you can see those previous post in my blogs, most photos are taken from my phone. But of course.... it'll be better if I own a camera.

Now what's so good about Nikon 1 J2? 

1. Advanced AF Hybrid System

The Nikon 1 J2 is a stylish compact system camera featuring a 10-megapixel  "CX" format sensor and the Nikon 1 lens mount. With the advanced hybrid AF system, it intelligently selects the auto-focus that best suits the scene. Not only that, it also delivers sharp images with high-speed and high-accuracy. Not bad right? For an outgoing person like me who loves to go crazy wherever I go, I wouldn't worry taking jumping shots anymore. My picture will definitely look perfect!

2. The Smart Photo Selector

Next, what's amazing about this Nikon 1 J2, The Smart Photo Selector! The Smart Photo Selector mode takes 20 photos in quick succession and saves what it thinks are the best five, based on facial expression, composition and focus. It'll automatically deletes the images that have out-of-frame figures, blinking eyes, or ones that are blurred. NOW AMAZING OR WHAT?! I don't need to go through a hassle of deleting pictures one by one, hurray!

3. Compact & Lightweight

Moving on, with an array of innovative functions all packed in a compact body, Nikon 1 J2 is compact and lightweight! The lenses are so small and easy to carry, so it wouldn't be a problem for me to bring it everywhere I go! Likewise, I used to bring my DSLR out and it's super heavy, therefore I didn't look chio with the bulky DSLR camera wherever I go :(

4. Built-in Flash

Not only it's compact and lightweight, it is also an interchangeable lens digital camera with built-in flash! With this, it'll allows me to capture potraits at night without worrying anymore!

5. Motion Snapshot

What's Motion Snapshot?
- It records the slow motion movie and still photo at the same time

With 4 different types of music available to choose from, these playback in the camera is what Nikon describes as a "living image". Cool, right? ;)

Take a look at this video example below.

6. Full HD Movie

In addition to being capable of shooting regular movies in HD quality, the Nikon 1 J2 can also shoot video at 400fps for slow-motion playback. The resolution is lower and the aspect ratio is an ultra-widescreen 2.67:1, but the quality is adequate for YouTube, Vimeo and the like. Which means, I can start vlogging already! Hurray! I've always wanted to do a vlog, but I ended up deleting it halfway because I felt that it looked funny. My mouth movements doesn't match with the audio, LOL! So, yes, this awesome features would be a plus point for me!

7. Slow Motion

Not only that! Nikon 1 J2 has a slow motion function! Omgggggggggg. I wanna die now :O I've always wanted to try this feature. I can literally imagine recording myself jumping into the swimming pool and wonder how ugly my face looks like, HAHAHA.

8. Creative Mode

I believe this feature is what mostly we look up to upon purchasing a camera.

Miniature, Selective Colour, Soft, Panorama.

Hands down! Just what I needed.

So if you're wondering what colour will I choose..

*drums roll*



Don't you think it'll look pretty!? 
I can literally imagine customizing it with swarovski pink blings blings :D 
Ahhhh I wanna faint now.

In case you readers don't know yet what's my favourite color is pink. 
I have pink wall rooms, pink bed sheets..

pink macbook casing..

 pink keyboard..

 pink iphone casings..

pink nike running shoes..

pink bath robe.. 

pink steamer.. (HAHAHA)

Trust me, there's many more pink stuffs I have in my room and I can go on showing you but that's not the point here.

Don't you think I'll look good with Nikon 1 J2 Camera in PINK!? 
Don't you think it'll be great to have Nikon 1 J2 Camera in PINK? Addition to more pink stuffs!

(Pardon me if the quality isn't good, I took it with my macbook webcam :( I hope Nuffnang don't penalize me for bad quality of photos, HAHA)
 Since I have pretty pink walls, I've decided to wear a white dress instead! 
And I pair it with a pink headband! :D

So can you picture me with a cute pink Nikon 1 J2 camera? :D
Don't worry if you can't... 

Keep on scrolling!

A hello kitty specs with pink ribbons on the side! 

I know my editing sucks, just bare with me please. I tried my best, bahahahahahahaha.

EVERYONE CAN LOOK PRETTY AND FASHIONABLE WITH THIS CAMERA! Just take a look at these famous girls....
Yes, I heard you Kpop fans. 
It's 2NE1!
Ahhhh don't you think she look pretty? 

So Nuffnang, pretty please make my dream come true to own this one :( *cross fingers*

Why I want to win this badly because... 

No 1. I don't have a digital camera :( 
That's pretty sad because I camwhore alot. And I don't own one.

No.2 I'm a blogger! 
Again, it's pretty sad. A blogger should have a digital camera at least. So if I own this Nikon 1 J2 camera, I'll be able to share good quality photos with my dear readers! Being a blogger, I'll often do reviews and advertorials. So fair enough, I'll need this awesome camera!

 No. 3 I'm a PINK LOVER! 
Actually this doesn't have any link... but it'll be great to own this Nikon 1 J2, so I'll be able to add on to my pink gadget collection! :D

No. 4 I love to travel!
Yes, I already planned a few trips in mind this year. Don't you think it'll be perfect for me to bring this pretty gadget on my holiday trip?!

Ever since I joined Nuffnang, I didn't know by blogging could allow me to earn my own side income. I love how generous Nuffang is, they're always having contest and give aways. You're missing out in life if you're a blogger and you're not part of Nuffnang!

For more information, you can visit this website: 
Click click!

Now let's just wait and pray hard that lady luck will smile at me anytime from now.. 

Lydia Izzati

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