Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yanie's 21st Birthday

On 26th January was Yanie's birthday chalet cum gathering for my dear classmates! It's really nice to have gatherings once in a while, catching up with each other's lives. All of us are already grown up, we all might have our own separate paths, but our lame silly jokes can never gets old.

Birthday girl being blindfolded and fooled! :p 

 We actually bought a balloon specially for her, but it flew away even before she could have it. That's sad :( Haha!

I just hope this friendship of ours will never be forgotten! Hopefully we'll have more outings in the future :)

Happy 21st birthday, darling!
Oh needed I say more? You're definitely one of the few friends whom will last till the end. 
Love you so much!

That's it for now. As promised, I'll blog about my photoshoot with my sister Lydia Asyiqin as soon as I get all the photos! And, I'll blog about our RIA 89.7fm interview at the next post! Stay tuned! :)

Lydia Izzati

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