Thursday, March 28, 2013

Advertorial- D'Nail Palette Second Visit

Advertorial- D'Nail Palette Second Visit

Hi readers! I haven't been blogging for the past few days because my home wifi was down :( I had to do so much things, sending resumes, check e-mails, blog, but wifi just had to turn down on me.

So last thursday, I made a visit to D'Nail Palette, my nail sponsor, for my second appointment! This time round, Phyl let me choose the design I wanted, so I went to search and search and search.. and tada! I've settled down with this design!


Firstly, Phyl had to remove the previous my previous set of nails. Have you ever wonder how nail gelish manicure is being removed? From my previous experience, usually gel nails are being soaked in a small bowl of acetone/acetate nail polish remover for about 10-15minutes. The gel nail will then be pliable and you'll be able to remove the nails. Back then I had a bad experience because during the process of removing the gel nails, they actually scrap off the gel using some scary tools and it hurts my nails so bad :( 

So what Phyl did, she actually used this amazing tool (look at the picture above) and gently buff off the soft gel! She didn't even need to soaked my nails or whatsoever. With that, it protects my nails and cuticles! Happy girl!

If you have realized, my nails have grown longer due to the hardgel overlay she did on my nails previously.

Phyl then did the same process of doing my nails, file, buff, paint etc. Throughout the process, I was actually glued to the TV cus she was showing the movie "So Undercover", haha! I really love how she treats her customer well. She'll ensure that we will feel comfortable and won't feel bored. Plus point!

So wanna see the end result?


I love the results! 
You can never go wrong with PINK!

Super chio lah please! :p

How to make appointments? 
You can either e-mail her at or contact Phyllis at 81331321 for booking of appointments and enquiries. Do make an advance booking to avoid disappointments!

D'Nail Palette is conveniently located at Blk 356 Bukit Batok St 31, about 10 mins walk from Bukit Gombak MRT Station.

Do quote my name "LydiaIzzati" for special promotions & discounts!

Specially to all my readers, if you're keen in getting the same design as mine, you can do so, at a cheaper price of $55 only! Yes, do remember to quote my name. Promotion ends till 21st April 2013!

Lydia Izzati

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