Thursday, April 25, 2013

Advertorial- D'Nail Palette Third Visit!

A day before I went for third appointment, I broke my nail! Kapiakkkkkkk. 

I couldn't remember how it happened, but I knew I was carrying something heavy :/

Back then I had a habit of biting my nails most of the time, lol! Now, not anymore. Reason being, if you want to have beautiful nails, don't bite. Simple as that. Haha!

So I went back to Phyl's last tuesday at 3.30pm to do my nails. This time round, I requested to have red nails instead of the usual pink ones. I actually thought of doing a whole set of 3D nails design, but I guess it won't be easy to manage, especially for a rough person like me. Haha. (maybe I can consider doing one next time)

I was quite impressed with the effect of the hardgel. Because before this, my nails was never long. You can actually compare from my first visit, my nails was really short at first. Amazing! 
All thanks to the hardgel overlay, my nails are able to grow longer without breaking off easily! I always thought that I couldn't keep long nails. Or to be precise, tooooo long nails. So, I was right. I guess I'm a very rough person, LOL.

As usual, Phyl did the usual procedures. Remove the previous nail design, etc. And this time round, she clipped off my nails shorter, buff and file it square instead.

Removing the crystals

Square nails! :D

Through out the process, we were talking about our secondary school life and how everyone grew up so fast and now everyone's getting engaged and married now, lol!

So back to the nails..

Phyl used a different hard gel this time. It's called the "Akzents Hardgel". It's much stronger than the previous one she used.
Painting the nails first..

I've always been so curious on how they did the 3D flower on their nails, and tadaaaaa! She did it on mine! She's really talented, I tell you.

If you're curious to watch how she did it, go and request for the flower art on your nail! :p

And the end result...


Never been disappointed with her service! Phyl definitely know what I've always. Simple yet, classy!

Quote "LydiaIzzati" for further discounts and promotions! :) 
Do call Phyl at 83111321 or e-mail her at to to make appointments!

Lydia Izzati

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