Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Advertorial- D'Nail Palette Fourth Visit

Hi all!

Finally, I managed to squeeze some time to do my nails. Previously, my nails chipped off. I'm still trying to figure out why does my nails chipped off so easily, lol. I really have no idea why, I think it's just me being rough, as usual. Then again, I'm pretty impressed that my gelish nail actually lasted.
Previous nail design :)

This time round, I brought my bf along to accompany me. And with that, I gave him the permission to choose the color & design that he likes, so..... him being him, he choose blue. (like duh! that's his fav color btway) Initially I wanted PINK, again like usual me, but to come and think of it, yeah maybe I should try something different, right? ;)

Phyl didn't do hard gel on my nails this time round, and instead, she replaced it with Vita Gel. Based on reviews, Vita Gel helps to strengthens & protect the natural nails. It enriched formula fortifies and repair damaged nails. Great especially for people like me, it helps to prevent splits, chips and peeling. 

Again, I'm not really fussy, and usually I'll leave it to Phyl to decide on what's best for me. Afterall, she never fails to disappoint me with her creative work! 

See that silver strap of paper there? Yeah, that's a foil. 

Are you wondering what was she doing? 
It turned out to be something like that! (in the picture above) 

Damn talented la this lady here, I'm not kidding you.

Side track a little bit..
Say hello to Phyl's cat, Ah Boy! 
If you're afraid of cats, be sure to let Phyl know in advanced. She'll keep her cat from you, but fret not, they don't bite at all. And for myself, a cat lover, I wouldn't mind having them seating next to me. Hehe! Too adorable! 

So throughout the session, I was glued to the TV, I didn't even realized that I was almost done. My bf was already snoring away at the corner cus he was too tired, lol!

And so the final outcome? :)

I'm diggin' it! 
Don't you love it? ;)

Therefore, good things must share okay. Specially for my readers out there, simply quote "LydiaIzzati" to get special discounts & promotions! If you don't quote, no discount :p

You can visit their website at for more infos and on going promotions. Or, you can check out their facebook page at

How to make appointments? 
You can either e-mail her at or contact her personally at 81331321. Be sure to make bookings in advanced! 

If you're shy to quote my name, you can always start off the convo by saying, 
"Oh you know ah... I always read Lydia Izzati's blog...." 

AND TADA! She'll be kind enough to give you discounts. Lol! 

"Every girl deserves to own pretty nails!"

Lydia Izzati

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