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Advertorial- Uber Mathematics

Being able to pay attention in class and not be distracted by the surroundings or other classmates is a key skill that we, students, want to have. Especially for mummies out there, for your children. It helps them maximize their learning in class when they are able to focus and take in content that the teacher is teaching.

Spotting careless mistakes in your child's work is a common but frustrating occurrence for many parents, especially if these mistakes caused the child to lose out on valuable marks in their test or examinations. Back then during secondary school days, often I'll get nagged by my parents for the silly mistakes I did in my test, which resulted to bad results in the end. Lol!

When I was first got to know about Uber Mathematics, I told myself, "Oh man, I should have known this years back." I could have probably achieve better results in my O'Level Maths :( But it's alright, I'm sharing with you readers out there what I'll be talking about here. Like I always said, good things must share! 

Fret not, it's never too late to save your child's future! Or maybe, YOU, if you're a student yourself :)
Since June holidays are coming up soon, you might wanna consider this.

Heads up to those who're taking O'Levels this year, or mummies, if your kids are taking their PSLE.

Uber Mathematics is just for you!

Uber Mathematics- Edify Celestial Calculus, specialized in Mathematics (PSLEs, O'Levels, A'Levels, SIM-UOL etc).
If you're contemplating to sign up, no worries, Uber Mathematics do offer one FREE trial maths group. Yes, you heard me. FREE! You can send your child for a trial, and if your child loves it, or you yourself think it's all good, then you're good to go :) Be the 1st student to sign up! because... you'll get to enjoy the 1-1 tution, until.... The second student is enrolled. So, quick! be the first! 

See, I'm always sharing good stuff, you know? :p

Likewise, for those of you who're taking O'Levels this year, it's never too late to start. Uber Mathematics do offer June Holidays 2013 Intensive Workshops. Don't wait till the very last minute if you wanna achieve good results! I've come to realize that education is important if you wanna survive here in Singapore, especially if you gonna be out there searching for a job. After all, always remind yourself that success comes from hard work!

So, why choose Uber Mathematics?

Firstly, they're very affordable. 

For Primary 4 and below- $120 per month 
For Primary 5 & 6- $140 per month 
For Secondary 1 & 2 -$140 per month 
For Secondary 3 & 4- $160 per month
For Junior College One & Two- $180 per month

There's 4 sessions in a month, with a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes of each class. So it's as good as paying $30-$45 for one class! Told ya it's affordable right? ;)

  • Free 8gb Thumb drive consisting of 5gb worth of exam papers varying from Primary to Junior College 
  • Free usage of writing papers & calculators
  • One to one consultation in between classes (subject to availability)
  • Whatsapp problem solving groups
  • Self-made materials
  • No registration fee, deposit fee or material fees! :D

Worried about the tutor? Is he/she reliable and experienced?

Of course, Mr Teo is a very experienced Maths tutor, specialized in A&E Mathematics. He has been tutoring for several year and has taught in various tuition & enrichment centres. His teaching methodology focuses on the student to better understand the key concepts, followed by There you go, a very experienced educator!

If you're wondering how will the classes be like, there will be a minimum 2 students to the maximum of 8 students. Uber Mathematics will ensure that it'll be kept at a comfortable level to ensure that the students benefits from the class. Not to worry, they do 1-1 tuition if you're keen. For more FAQs, you can read up at

Uber Mathematics is conveniently located at:
 City Square Mall 
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539

So what are you waiting for? 
You can e-mail them at or alternatively call/sms/whatsapp at 82598426 for more enquiries!

...Remember, success comes after hard work! :)

Lydia Izzati

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