Saturday, June 29, 2013

Asia's Style Collection Concert

I've never had so much photos taken in a day before, so before I proceed further, please be prepared!

Was woken up by my manager's call. Sheena told us that Gushcloud bloggers will be given the privilege to do a backstage tour at 1pm. It was a little bit too last minute and I couldn't make it on time. So my tour was separated from them, but thank god my lovely Joanna was there with me, both of us were late! Haha! So we both sticked with each other throughout the tour. Don't know how am I gonna survive without her! Or else I would have died of awkwardness. Lol!

Us with Sharon Au, the woman behind styleXstyle.
She's so so so so lovely and humble!

Not much photos taken during the backstage tour as the security was tight, everything was restricted. The tour ended pretty fast. Went to meet up with the rest of the bloggers and we walked around the carnival to kill time. Again, I'm always shy cus that was my first time meeting some other bloggers.  

With dearest Tyler! Another life saviour for me from all the awkwardness, lol!

With Reiee!

Photos were all taken from respective bloggers! 

Proceeding with the concert... guess where are we all seating at?!

Yes! Can you see how close we were!?  We were seating directly below the stage area, protected by the barricade. All of us started to feel so excited cus we know we gonna get a very good close-up of all the performing artiste. Lucky us!

Performance by AKB48, from Japan.

And the fashion show begins! :)

Performance by Thelma Aoyma. She definitely has strong vocals! 

Tsubasa Masuwaka!
She's so adorableeeeeeeeee!

And guess who'se up next.... 

It's 2NE1!

Honestly, I've never been a fan of Kpop but after seeing them perform, I instantly fell in love with their songs! I am not kidding! The minute I got home, I actually google for their names and download their songs. 

They performed a total of four songs tittled, "I am the best", "Lonely", "Fire" and "Can't Nobody". Eventhough I didn't know their lyrics, I was humming to their tune and singing Mega Chi Cha La Ka! Hahahahahaha it's so addictive I swear!

After which it was Singapore's team to perform! Started off with the Mediacorp artiste gracing the runway!

And... our very own GC bloggers! I'm soooo soooo sorry girls the picture doesn't turns out nice! :(

By the time, I was already dying. My phone died on me. I was so restless. It was already 11-ish and everyone seems so tired. From my personal point of view, I felt like the whole concert was a bit too long and draggy :/ (The whole thing ended at 12midnight fyi!)

 But.... that doesn't stops us from dancing to Girls Generation songs!

Here it is! 
Feel free to grab the pictures if you want, but please, give some credits to me hokay? I'm not gonna watermark all my pictures, but just be kind enough and not going around telling people you took the photos instead. HHAHA


Thank you so much Gushcloud, Asia's Style Collection and styleXstyle for inviting me! Thank you for the super awesome up close seats! I really enjoyed myself :)

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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