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Event- SHINE Youth Festival 2013!

When I was a kid, I had a dream. I've always pictured myself being on television. Because I believed in my dream, it brought me to where I am today.

Let me share with you a little bit more about my dream.

When I was a kid, I grew up watching my dad on TV. My whole family would sit on the couch and watch him act in various dramas. Kids being kids, we were always curious. I wanted to know how everything worked behind the scenes, therefore I started following my dad whenever he had filming sessions. Back then, filming usually took place in MediaCorp Studios, where everything was ready on set. Acting isn't as easy as it seems, and usually it'll take up the whole day, or even hours of your time. Imagine me sitting there in the studio from morning til night? I actually enjoyed every single bit of it! I remember my first appearance when I was 9 years old, being a calefare in the drama my dad acted in.  I just had to walk pass the camera, HAHAHA! As soon as we went home, I asked my dad, "Daddy, how come I don't have dialogues? How come I only get to act for a few seconds only? I wanna be like you too." It was then, I realize I had fell in love with acting.

My dream didn't stopped there. Years later, I was called back to audition for a info-ed docu drama. That was my first ever appearance in a lead role in TV, and everything just continued from there. That's when my whole life changed.

Yes. My life changed when I was in 14 years old. As young as 14 years old!

I believe that all of us has dreams. Therefore, take all the chances given and turn your dreams into reality.

So what are all these dreams about?

that's what I'm talking about!

I'm pretty much excited about this event that's coming up for the whole month of July! Just a little background of what it is all about..

SHINE Youth Festival is a festival that features a whole lot of exciting line-ups of events and activities. It is a platform for youths to pursue their interests and showcase their talents. It also encourages youths to take the lead in ground-up initiatives, as well as highlighting the good work of local youth organizations in developing youth leaders.

The theme for this year is #FreeYourYou, which encourages youth to break free and act on their passion to create a positive impact in the community. Now that's the spirit, right? If everyone has a part to play and contribute to the community, the world will definitely be a better place to live in. Am I right?

So.. Here's my pledge!

I'm gonna..


And I'm serious about my pledge. In fact, whenever I'm eating, especially at hawker centres, I wouldn't hesitate to give some of my food to stray cats that come mewing for food. This applies even when I'm walking back home, I would stop for a while to give stray cats a pat at the void decks, and sometimes, feed them as well.

Our dear stray cats need food to survive too, just like us :(

Moving on...

Take a look at some of them who has already pledged with us... 

So, what's your pledge?

Come Pledge to SHINE with me on this event! Simply click HERE and it'll direct you to the page!

Fill in your Name, and after which, enter your pledge!

Get your friends to vote for your pledge and you'll stand a chance to win $3,000 worth of prizes! 

SHINE Festival 2013, Opening 

The opening of SHINE Festival 2013 will be on 29th June, and be prepared for the whole list of exciting performance lined up for everyone! Let me share a few line-ups that I'm pretty much looking forward to!

Who doesn't know them? Singapore's much loved musical dynamic duo, who formally started off by doing popular cover songs like "Pumped Up Kicks" and "I won't give up". They have now branched out into their original music, also known as "The Fa La La Song". 


Made up of four strong vocalist, this local indie band definitely possesses good qualities that can help them to go far as a musician. They started off by doing covers on Youtube, and they got more attention after uploading their famous mash-up of Hey Soulsister and We Are Young, which got about 60,000 views as of today. Such an inspiring story! :)

Not only that, they have an interesting line-ups of other performances, so be sure to catch them on the 29th June! Oh wait... not forgetting..... I'll be there too! :p So, come along to SCAPE*! :)

There's so many things that will be happening in the month of July. You can expect a whole lot of fun-filled activities, loads of games, competitions, performances, and many more! But of course, I'm looking forward for..


It's the Annual Asia's hip hop festival celebrating hip hop dance and "RAISING THE STANDARD" in the region. This 5-day long event is jammed packed with workshops conducted by overseas dance instructors and culminates in a 2 and half hour concert showcasing the talents of the best dancers in the region.

I've always loved watching dance performances & competitions. Being a dancer myself, I guess it runs in my blood! Even though I'm more towards traditional dancing (I'm a malay dancer, :p) & not really a Hip Hop dancer, but I've always loved the strong vibe and energy given out by the performers each time, on top of their latest hit mix of songs! Watching hip hop performances just makes me wanna dance too!


It's the..

You're probably been living in a cave if you haven't heard of them yet! 

They're probably the coolest dance group I've ever seen! 
Wrecking Crew Orchestra is a breakdancing crew, made up of eight talented men, who dance in electroluminescent light suits, which creates and illusion of stop motion.

Watch their performance below!

This group of talented Japanese dancers will be performing in The Big Groove Concert, so if you're a fan of them, don't miss this out!

Along side with other dance crews like, 


and of course..
O Crew! 

The Big Groove 2013 will be happening from 24th-28th July at the Suntec Convention Centre! So, for those of you who're keen to catch them, do make yourself free!

Stars of SHINE Awards 2013

The Stars of SHINE Awards serves to highlight and profile youth role models as a source of encouragement and inspiration to other youths. You can vote for your favourite nominee from 20th June onwards! The awards will be presented at the SHINE 2013 Festival Closing Ceremony on 27th July.

That's about it! :)

For those who're coming to SHINE at *SCAPE this 29th June, see ya there! ;) 

Lydia Izzati

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