Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life. Filmings. Friends.

I can't believe I'm actually halfway through the month of June. Time flies really fast! It's been the busiest month ever and I had so much things to do. From photoshoots, to filmings, and attending events, I can never be busier than this! Of course, I love being busy. It keeps me occupied the whole time and there's always something to do.

Putting aside my busy schedule, I didn't prioritize my health conditions. I took it for granted. That's when I fell sick, for almost a week. I was down with high fever, very bad sore throat, and running nose.  I was having a hard time swallowing my food! That's when.... I lose so much weight :( YES, I LOST WEIGHT. I'm aware of that. People have been coming up telling me that I lost weight drastically and I'm left with bones now, hahaha I'm not kidding. I am slowly gaining back to my original weight now, so please.. give me time. Lol! Not only that, my eyesight got worst. I suffered from eye infection for several days and I couldn't wear my lenses. I could barely open my eyes fully, and every time I made an attempt to do it, my tears couldn't stop from flowing. Poor me :(

I'm giving my eyes a break now. Sigh. Hopefully I'm able to wear lenses again when I've fully recovered.

Putting that aside, I've been receiving mails stating that I've been doing too many advertorials lately and that it not desirable because my readers wish to read more about my daily life, love life and such. With that, I'll try to my best to keep your interest in reading my blog, because without your readers, there won't be me here, blogging. 

On Monday, it was a wrap for Papa Kool - Anak Papa Nak Kahwin. This is the latest drama that I'll be involved in, that will be airing in Suria somewhere in August. I'm not sure what's the exact date, but I'll definitely gonna keep you guys updated! 

Looking at the tittle of the drama, you'll definitely get the rough idea what it's all about, right? ;)
That's me and Emy. We were friends even before we met on set! Known him for quite some time, and only now, we got to work together. 

With the two most helpful people on set! 
I had so much fun working with the whole team throughout our entire three days of filming. Definitely one of the best production house I've worked with.  

My friends has been the greatest companion to me. I can never thank them enough for bringing so much joy in my life. I didn't had a chance to blog about our staycation few weeks back, but here it is!

Impromptu plans are always the best! We had our staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort. Imagine having about 10 of us staying in one room, we ended up getting complaint for being too noisy! Lol! Once in a while, it's nice going for a short "getaway" from everything. 

Later that night, we went to Azzura to attend an event! 

Lydia Izzati

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