Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moving on/ Nufaa Boutique's Shoot/ Sutra Magazine

Hi all!

Haven't had a chance to update my blog that's because.... my schedule is getting hectic! Being me is just so crazy. It's so tiring juggling with a few things at one go, but I'm actually loving the stress. HAHA! It somehow keeps me occupied :) So just a little bit of update, I've finally settled down with a full-time job. I'm working shift work and my work schedule takes up almost 3/4 of my time, therefore whenever I'm back home it'll be late night and I'll just crash my bed, waking up the next morning for work again. So please bare with me! I'll try my best to update frequently, okay?

There's so many things that happened in my life recently, but I guess some things are just meant to be kept personal. Kept on losing weight and falling ill at the same time. Even the doctor felt I was suffering from depression, lol! Whatever it is, I'm slowly picking myself up back again. I've finally learned how to be strong and never look back ever. Put the past behind, and find something better in the future. The truth is, we humans tend to take things for granted. Therefore, appreciate what you have now, because you'll never know if you lose them one fine day. I'm constantly reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. Life's too short to wake up with regrets. It's important to learn how to love ourself first before loving others. Last but not least, always put ourself as a priority, or else we'll ended up getting hurt in the end.

Moving on, I had photoshoot with Nufaa's team last week. So their collection this time will be specially for our upcoming Eid Mubarak festival! You ladies should check it out! :)
My favourite! Love their colour combination! :)

Not only that, they also brought in other apparels as well. Perfect for casual occasions or formal work wear :)

I'm totally diggin' this! Wish I could bring all them back! Lol!

 Check out their website for more apparels! 
Click here

Not forgetting, remember about the Sutra Magazine shoot I blogged about in my previous post? It's out! Here's a few snapshots....but if you wanna see more, don't forget to grab your copy of Sutra Magazine for July's edition!

My favourite shot!
(Pardon me for the bad quality because I took the pictures directly from my phone, HEHE)

How time flies, it's already Ramadhan! I've always love fasting month, it made me feel so much closer to my family, friends, and most importantly, Allah. To my muslim friends, happy fasting!

Lydia Izzati

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