Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pampering Myself!

Goodbye, July... Hello August!

August month didn't start really well. My health condition got worst. Somewhere last week, I collapsed at work. I couldn't really recall what happened but the next minute I knew, I was already attended by a nurse. Alhamdulilah, everything's all good now. I'm taking extra pre-caution of my health. Moving on, I've been really occupied with work, hence, my schedule is really insane. I can't even remember when was the last time I pamper myself. SAD RIGHT! :( That's when I decided to spend my off days doing something productive!

In conjunction with Hari Raya preparations, here's what I did to pamper myself..

Head down to Shunji Matsuo to do something slightly different to my hair. Unlike any other visits, doing the usual hair treatment etc, this time round, I decided to be extra brave and try something different! So make a guess, what did I do?! :D

For those of you who followed me in Twitter or Instagram, you would probably have known. I've added on a few crazy colours to my hair! YES CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I've always wanted to try having crazy colours, PINK ESPECIALLY, but I'm afraid I would look rather crazy and insane HAHA but come on, my stylist Fann knows me best! And she never fail to disappoint me! I can always leave my hair in her good hands and let her take control of it. Initially we wanted to try this out about two months ago, but I kept it on hold because my other commitments (shootings & work!) wouldn't permit me to have such colours, so this time round, I just give it a shot. Since my filming for another drama is already over, so why not... hehe.

So the initial plan was to just touch up my roots only. Me, being me, I'll ended up doing something else instead. But hey, I'm loving my hair colour!

Perks of having colored hair. 
Just take a look at those ugly black roots :(

I had so much doubts in coloring my hair because I'm afraid I won't look good and all sorts. I remember seeing a guy who has orange hair and it doesn't suit his face, I giggled to myself inside the train. AND OF COURSE, I'M BEING SELF-CONCIOUS! I don't want to look weird and I don't want people to be secretly laughing at my hair when I'm outside, okay! Lol. Not everyone can pull off the look, you see.

I was pretty excited to see streaks of blonde because I never tried blonde in my entire life. Haha! (Can't imagine being a blondie!) Well, actually that's just the bleaching process. It'll helps at the later part of coloring my hair. So, streaks of blonde lasted for only 10minutes before they applied the actual colors to my hair.

The minute they washed off my hair, I was already excited to see the colors!


Here's the end results!

Mad mad mad love with my hair!
I love how the colors only appears at the bottom part of my hair, just like what I wanted.

Thank you so much to my dearest stylist Fann, for making me look good always!
Thank you Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu!

 And of course, when you have nice hair, you'll camwhore even more.. right?! :D

My best friend came to meet me afterwards to have our late dinner at my usual place, Ayam Penyet Ria!

Don't know what would I do without him! He'll never fail to be there for me, anytime, anywhere, at any minute any second that I need him the most. 

That's pretty much sums up the day!


Trip to D'Nail Palette!
 Haven't been doing my nails for about a month plus, that's because I told Phyl I wanted to keep my nails clean during fasting month, and also I wanted to give my nails a breather. So yeap, after a month plus, I'm back! This time round, I requested for a simple french manicure design. I want it to be easily matched with my all other raya outfits, and also looking all professional for work.

Like the usual routine, she'll do whatever's needed before proceeding with painting of nails. Again, Phyl knows my kind of style so usually I'll leave it to her to do anything to my nails. So, here's what she did this time round!

A simple french manicure with a touch of glitter sequins! 
I love how it look really classy for me ;)

Side-track: Phyl's cute kittens! 
Grrrrr I feel like kindnapping them and bring them back home!

Thank you, D'Nail Palette! <3
Don't forget to quote my name when you're making appointments okay? :)

Stay tune as I'll be blogging about my Hari Raya and my 21st birthday! 

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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