Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dinner with Zul x Night out with Babygirl!

This was the other day I brought Zul out during his birthday. We had no idea where to dine in, so we ended up dining in at Pastamania instead since he had meal vouchers. Hahaha! So that actually saves my money, lol.

Zul and I had been best friends for years. Since our secondary school days. I can never find a friend like him because he's like a guy version of me, and he understands me best. We often think alike. We do silly things together like any best friends would do. We can simply talk about everything or anything because he's one of those that I'm most comfortable with. And I often tell him that, I'll be his best woman during his wedding day. Lol!

Last Saturday, it was my babygirl's turn to bring me out for a date. I've always spending time with her. We can spend the whole day sitting down, laughing our hearts out, talking about anything and everything. We ended up chilling at Clarke Quay for the night.

Need I explain further? She's simply the best. Enough said. She's probably the only one that I would catch a grenade for. Hehe! 

(Outfit: Lovable Babydoll Tube Top in Raspberry from Hollyhoque)

I've come to realize that I always forgot to snap a full-length picture of my OOTD. Sorry readers! As requested by you guys, I'll make a habit and remind myself to do it often when I go out next time :)

I've also receive a few feedbacks that I should start vlogging. What do you think? Do write in to me your ideas! Because firstly, I don't know what topic should I start off with. Secondly, I suck in video editing. Not kidding! I'm really amazed with those who had so much patience in doing video editing. There's one time when I tried doing it, and halfway through, I gave up. Hahaha! But it's alright, practice makes perfect :p

I need to hear it from you guys, my readers! Let me know what do YOU want to know, what do YOU wanna read more about, questions about anything, or tips about anything, I'll try my best to share whatever knowledge that I have! :) 

 Do write in to me at or alternatively, you can just tweet to me your ideas! 

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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