Monday, September 2, 2013

I know, this might be a little too late but, here's a little update about the whole month of August!

Aidilfitri 2013'

Every year, my family will be busy handling our shop at Jurong East. My dad will be busy doing all the deliveries, my mum will be handling the shop, my brothers will helped out over at the shop, but me, this year, I didn't get to help out because of my work commitments. Unlike any other year, that's my family routine. On the eve of Hari Raya, our house will be all messed up and we'll do our last minute spring cleaning. YES, I think that's the whole meaning of our Hari Raya Eve. Hahahaha! Weird, but, we enjoy cleaning the house at the very last minute. My mum will be preparing nice dishes in the kitchen, my dad will be fixing the curtains, me and my brothers will do whatever chores that's instructed by my mum, or if not, we'll just pretend to be busy. Later part of the night, I went over to meet my friends at Geylang for the last time, and we went to play Mercun.

So that's how my Raya would be.

With that, let's spam with photos!

My outfit for this year's raya!
Good buy indeed :p

 Afterall, hari raya isn't just about the good foods and green packets. What's most importantly, seeking forgiveness among one another. To reconcile and renew relationships with one another. 

Honestly, I only managed to do visitings for the first two days of raya. I was busy throughout the entire month, I didn't had a chance to raya with my friends either. 

21st Birthday

This was by far the most simplest birthday celebration I ever had. Besides, it was one of the years being single again on my birthday. Lol! Since my birthday falls on third day of raya, there's nothing much I could do on my birthday. Initially I wanted to book a hotel or celebrate it somewhere, but then again, it falls on the third day of raya. My friends would probably be busy with families and raya visitings etc, therefore I decided to not do anything. I just came up with the idea of having a gathering at home and inviting my close friends to come over instead.

The night before, my dear friends surprised me under my block. Just like last year! How thoughtful :)
Oh please pardon me for my "sick" face, I don't even know there'll be a surprise for me, so I went down with my bare face with no make-up on. Haha!

Shout out to HoneyBee Cupcakes for sponsoring cupcakes for my 21st birthday!

When I was first approached by Hanis, the owner of HoneyBee Cupcakes, I was split with choices! So I told her my preference, my favourite flavour and colour, and the rest was up to her to decide. And of course, I didn't regret a single thing cus her Nutella Cupcakes was one of the best cupcakes I tasted!

It was really kind of her to give me two big boxes of cupcakes! Even my mum brought along some of it to work and gave it to her customers, haha!

 You can check them out in their Instagram at @HoneybeeBakes or alternatively, visit them at their website here! (P/S: Their cake in a jar looks so tempting! Heh maybe I should give it a try one day)

And guess who came? My dearest baby shefy!
Look what she's wearing! :D 

 So cheeeeeeky lah this girl! *pinch cheeks*

Thank you so much everyone for the gifts! Not much photo taken for the day cus I was too busy running here and there, handling my own guests. Haha! And more else, I wasn't in the mood to take photos cus of the pimple I had. TSK!

Later on that night, I had my second round of fun for my birthday celebration. Thank you once again guys for everything! How can I not love you guys so much! Hehe.

My top sponsored by Hollyhoque! :)

So, what's my birthday wish?

Well, turning a year older is really scary after all. I can't believe I'm twenty one. Yes, 21. It's the age where people actually believe in having the key to adulthood. Actual fact, I'm not ready for adult hood! Noooo!! :( I always feel like I'm forever 16, haha! That's because I'm such a spoilt brat. My parents calls me Princess and I'm daddy's girl (forever!). I don't want to get married, I don't wish to work neither do I wish to pay for my own bills, I don't wish to work so hard to buy my own house. 


I am kidding of course.

This is the harsh truth. One fine day, I'll need to have my own stable job and take care of my parents instead. It's about time to repay everything back. I can't possibly be living under my daddy's armpit for the longest period of time, haha! (even though i wish i could!) But whatever it is, I wish for all the happiness and endless joy in my future years ahead. I wish to be a better person, for myself and my family. 

GC Weekend
My first GC weekend wasn't that bad afterall! Despite being a newbie and shy (ALWAYS!), my GC family never fails to make me welcome. Nawwwww :)

Pictures are all taken from different bloggers, Eunice, Asyiha, Joanna etc. Sorry I had to steal some of them! Hahaha.

Sheena's Birthday Party!
Guess what's the theme? Barbie & Ken! This was by far one of the coolest themed party I've been to. The place was freaking hugeeeee! And everything's all in PINKKKKK! 

It was Eric's birthday too that night! 
Happy birthday, Eric! :) 

So much love for my dearest manager Sheena! <3
Happy birthday once again! 
Please stay sweet sixteen forever! HAHAHA

Have I mentioned that I have finally bought a new camera for myself?! 
YIPPEEEEE YAY! I can now have better quality photos in my blog :) 

 And one of the random days whereby I decided to pamper myself..
Necklace and bracelet from Swarovski! 
Who says you need a man to pamper you? Heh.

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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