Thursday, October 10, 2013

Filmings! Mengejar Mentari x Walimah


September has been one of the busiest month so far. For those of you who has been following me in my Instagram or Twitter, you should know by now that I'm currently involved in filming for the new drama which has already been on air last week, "Mengejar Mentari". We're filming almost every single day, hence, hat explains my super tight schedule :( :( :( Filming usually takes up the whole day and usually the minute I got home.... I'll crash on my bed straight away.

Those shots were taken during our Opening Graphic shoot. 

We're still in the midst of finishing up the remaining episodes, meanwhile, do give us your fullest support okay? Mengejar Mentari will be airing every Wednesday, 9.30pm on Suria! 

Alongside that, I'm also involved in another upcoming drama tittled "Walimah", by Oak3 Films. Heard that it'll debut somewhere in November, so do follow me in my Twitter for updates, okay? :)

Pardon me for the lack of updates! I am trulyyyyyy sorrryyyyyyyyy! :( Been really busy like god knows! Sigh. I'm still in the midst of doing my first Vlog so please please be patient okay? I've managed to reply to some of your e-mails, but for those whom I have not, please bare with me! 

Till then! 

Lydia Izzati

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