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How to be a Model? (Feat. Adrianna Yariqa Collections x Fkfotografy)

When I read through my e-mails, a lot of you who has been constantly asking me about my modeling career. How to be a model? How do I start modeling? How do I get modeling opportunities?

Firstly, I'm not a professional model. I'm not trained to be a professional model, neither do I go for any modeling classes. THIS IS THE FACT! Haha. I've never considered myself as a pro in this, because I believe for every shoot that I go, I'll be learning something new. So, I started modeling as a hobby, doing it for fun, and slowly, I started being exposed to a few modeling competitions/runways, followed by modeling in the Malay Bridal industry, and then to blog shops tvads and magazines. I really don't know how, but throughout my years of modeling, I'm really blessed to have clients giving me their trust in modeling for their products especially.

Maybe here's a few tips that I can share with aspiring models out there:

1) Know your strength. It’s even more important to know what you’re able to do and what you want to do as a model. Many models end up working as models accidentally or by chance, while others work hard to become models. In my case, mine will probably be by…. chance. Lol!

2) Start off by taking some photos of yourself and build your portfolio. You can look for a professional photographer to ensure good quality photos. Or in case you cannot afford to pay a professional photographer to take your photos, ask someone you know to take some good and clear head and body shots. Not necessary to pay hundred over dollars just to go for a photo shoot, nowadays you know Groupon or those website usually have good promotions. Go check it out! (No I'm not paid to promote their website HAHAHA)

3) Alternatively, join a modeling agency. But, be sure you joined the right one. There's a lot of scams nowadays, whereby you'll be required to pay an upfront registration fee or whatsoever bullshit, please DO NOT ever fall for their trap. It's best to go for the well-established modeling agencies. &Or likewise, join a modeling competition! It'll be a great stepping stone for any one of you out there who wants to try.

You don't need to look effortlessly flawess or with hourglass body to be a model. The modeling industry needs all different shapes and sizes! Or else, whose gonna model for Plus Size outfits? Don't despair or lose hope! All you need to have is, CONFIDENCE! You need to be photogenic, that's all.

So, let me share with you about a photo shoot I did somewhere last week.

For those of you whom has followed me in Instagram, you'll probably had seen the pictures I uploaded. Yes, I'm talking about the new label "Adrianna Yariqa" owned by this lovely couple, Ida & Sufiyan. Honestly, I'm really inspired by them. I've always love admire couples doing business together, putting their heart & soul in it. All their outfits are specially designed by the owner herself. How talented, right!  Not only that, their prices are reasonable and really affordable. You know it's really hard to find baju melayu with good quality and great designs nowadays, it'll definitely be costly, am I right? For me, Adrianna Yariqa's unique piece will definitely be a good buy for you ladies out there :)

Being a freelance model, I've worked with different photographers. For me, a photographer really plays a huge part while doing shoot because it actually determines your mood during your shoot. Imagine having a very quiet photographer who doesn't even communicate with you, you wouldn't be even able to deliver well. For myself, I like to break the ice. I think I'm talkative by nature. Hahahaha. I'll be the one saying Hi, introducing myself, sing to myself during shoot and so on. Yes, that's just me. I guess that's how I keep my mood while doing photo shoot.

So when I first worked with the two young photographers from Fkfotografy, I had no problem at all. They're so easy to work with and I was really comfortable with them. Most importantly, they know what are the shots they wanted, and they'll focus on getting it. As for me being a model, I did my best to deliver and alhamdulilah, everything turned out great! The photos looked incredibly awesome! Thank you so much Ida and your husband for engaging me, I'm really glad to be modeling for your gorgeous outfits. And of course, a good photographer determines good quality photos! Just take a look at the shots beautifully taken by the Fkfotografy team.


So guess which one is my favourite pick? :) 
Red Wine Lace one-piece dress!
It's so unique and I fell in love instantly with it the minute I put on the dress. Hehe.
(See how happy I look wearing that outfit, hahahahaha!)

And my second pick would be..

Pink Jacquard! 
You know you can never go wrong with Peplum outfits. What's more, it's in PINK! My all-time favourite colour! :)

Till we meet at the next post!
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Lydia Izzati

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  1. Hello lydia ,where was the photo been taken? Isit punggol?and very nice oufit you have on you ,I like the white one.


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