Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Presenting my new playground…. Amore Fitness!

I'm proud to announce that I'm officially an Amore Fitness member! 

This is by far one of the best sponsorships I've gotten, that's because I've been googling a lot about Zumba & Kickboxing classes and poof! An opportunity came knocking on my door! Hehe. #iamblessed #thankyouGushcloud

Amore is actually divided into two categories, "Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa" exclusively for ladies, and "Amore Living" for everyone! For those shy ladies out there who're afraid to step into the gym worrying you'll be stared by those big build men, fret not! You can always head down to any of the 7 designated outlets and have your own quiet time working out :)

Amore isn't just about gym, but they also provide spa services! Thus, after your workout, you can always head next door and relax! Ahhhhhh… perfect. I definitely can't wait to try out their Spa services! Didn't managed to snap any picture cus I was busy mesmerizing about the place, lol! I've always been a number 1 fan for Spas & Massages, hehe.

For the first visit, I head down to CitySquare Mall outlet. 

When I first stepped into the gym, I was really fascinated with how hugeeeee the whole entire place is! Not only that, everything there are well-equipped! Just take a look at the photos below..

What makes it more interesting than the rest, Amore Fitness provides more than 500 dance & fitness classes weekly over different outlets! 

Divided into five different categories:
Amore Signature Blitz Class
Cardiovascular and Toning Classes
Dance Classes
Body.Mind.Soul Classes
Introductory Classes

Trust me, there's so many things that I wanna try! So far I've attended StretchFit and Kickboxing classes. I had so much fun especially during Kickboxing class! Very high-intensinity workout which improves muscle strength, tone coordination and reflexes. As for StretchFit, it taught me good stretching exercises and regular breathing techniques, helping us to improve coordination and strength, as well as creating a sense of balance. 

My next target would be Zumba classes, and also Yoga! Sounds interesting, right? For the next classes that I'll be attending, I'll try my best to record videos and share it with you readers :)

Next up, let me show you their changing room..

Again, I was really impressed with their changing room! It's really huge! Filled with hundreds of lockers (I believe!), you can always store your belongings safely without worrying about anything. Just bring your personal lock along! Otherwise, you can always purchase at the counter itself. 

Not only that, they also provide dressing tables. Ah, perfect for me to do my make-up after working out! They also provide professional hairdryers, cotton buds & cotton wools, how convenient!? For a person like me who has thick hair, I hardly wash my hair when I'm outside (only when I got home!), that's because I find it troublesome as it'll take me hours to get my hair dry, therefore, this definitely gonna save me for the rest of my working out days! Hehehe. 

Another reason why you should love Amore, you don't have to worry about not bringing your towels or toiletries, they actually provide everything for you. How convenient! 

They even have Sauna Room lah, hello! My god. How can I not love this place?! 

Yeap, that's me camwhoring at their toilet hoping I won't freak anyone out. :p

Amore Women's Day Out, 9th November 2013

So glad to be part of this event! I had so much fun together with my other Gushers!

Caught red-handed trying not to look so "aunty" :D I was trying not to laugh actually, lol!

And, some of my selfie shots on those days that I visited Amore…hee hee heeee.

I am going to challenge myself, for the next three months, to achieve my target goal. Which is.. "TONED BODY!" It's not gonna be easy as I'll need to be more discipline and cut down on my late night supper habits, but I'll try my best! Nothing comes easy without any hardwork. Therefore, do follow up on my Instagram and Blog to witness my fitness journey in achieving my goal, okay dear readers? 

Lydia Izzati

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