Monday, December 2, 2013

Day out with Bestfriend x Catty's Engagement x World AIDS Day Party

After so long, my best friend and I managed to squeeze a little bit time from our busy schedule, for a proper meet-up! Both of us decided to settle down and dine in at Arab Street, away from the bustling city areas. 

Vintage Delicafe
66 Bussorah Street 

Calamari Rings
Aglio Olio topped Grilled Salmon
Classic Bolognese

 I was quite shocked that their serving was huge, therefore I couldn't finish up my Classic Bolognese :/ Requested for x2 spicy, but I still think it's not spicy enough for me. Hahaha! I'm a killer for extremely spicy food :p

Overall, the ambience was okay. The place was really cosy. However, I didn't really like our seats because we were actually seating really next to the kitchen area. Lol! But nevertheless, everything was fine. They're usually full most of the time, so if you refused to join the que waiting for your seats, I suggest you'll make a reservation first :) But I'll definitely be coming back here again!

Decided to proceed somewhere else for desserts. Initially I've wanted to bring Nabila to a new place that I've discovered but sadly it was full house :( So, we decided to go somewhere else instead!

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro
258 Beach Road

Swedish Pancakes

And yep, that's my best friend who refused to pose for the camera.

That's how I spent my Thursday evening. I had so much fun catching up with my best friend. She's probably one of the best friendships I ever had because we've been friends for 8 years now, and we NEVER fight, at all. Yes, you heard me. She's been through with me since our secondary school days and up till now. Despite our busy schedule and own personal commitments, we might not get to meet as often, but at the end of the day, we know we got each other's back. Love you babe! xx 
(Just realize we didn't take photos together -_-')

Catty's Engagement

Last Saturday was probably one of the busiest week ever! Kept on rushing from one place to another to run errands. Been spending too much on cabs like nobody's business :X

Congratulations, Catty sayang on your engagement! Dah besar anak mak satu ni :') So happy to see you've finally settled down with someone that you really love. Looking forward for your big day soon!

World AIDS Day Party at ButterFactory

Was invited together with other gushers to attend WAD's Party later on at night. So glad to be part of this event! 

From left to right:
Xavier, Tyler, Eunice, Jamie, Mae
Candid photo but I just find it cute! Hahaha sorry guys!

With Xavier! He's always the one who hypes up the group, lol!

With dearest Jamie! <3

And some selfie moments with my darling Eunice! Notice we're always taking photos on our left side? Yes, thats's our best side. Hahahaha! 

Forever looking so chio la this girl, tsk!

Oh, mind that bulging tummy please! I had a heavy dinner before that, lol :p
In case you're wondering, my dress was sponsored by Hollyhoque. Heels by New Look. Necklace bought some time ago from Zalora :)

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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