Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tigerair: #1MillionDraw

Say hello to December! 

I can foresee it's gonna be a good month for me, that's because… I'll be having my break! Yes, filming will wrap up by next week and thus, I'm going for my vacation! Wheeeeeee! Three holiday trips within a month, so fly money fly. HAHA

So guess where am I going first? 


It'll be my first time traveling together with my GC family, and I'm pretty excited! 

Now here's the deal!

Tigerair is giving the year a grand finish with $1 million worth of flights in their year end draw! 
Period: 13th November till 15 December
Open for Singapore Residents only

100 lucky travelers will walk away with $10,000 worth of flight credits each. For every booking you make in 2013 gives you a chance to be in the draw! Sounds good, right!? :D 

After which, winners can start using their flight credits from 1st January 2014 onwards! Not only that, you can share with your travel partner too! 

For more details, visit

Thank you, Tigerair! Thank you, Gushcloud!

Lydia Izzati

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