Saturday, May 31, 2014

Advertorial: Samsung NX mini

Samsung NX mini: Carry the style, Capture the Best

When I first bought my Samsung NX 2000 camera, what I was looking for was: functions and quality photos from a DSLR camera yet a body of digital camera. We all know that DSLR cameras are big and bulky, therefore I was confident that I picked the right camera. Yup, in fact up till today, I am happy with my camera!

I was really excited when I got my hands on the new Samsung NX mini.
Known as the "World's Slimmest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera", I was really amazed that it's really slim and light!

Now let's do a little comparison between my Samsung NX 2000 and Samsung NX mini.
See the weight difference?
Now you can really tell how light this camera is!

I travel quite often, attending to events and such, and sometimes I'll bring a small bag with me. The problems that I face will usually be, how to fit everything in a small bag!? From purse to make-ups and camera.

Now here's what I meant when it's slim!

So hurray! That's the plus point for me. It's so much easier to carry this camera around as compared to my Samsung NX 2000.

Samsung NX mini is the new ultimate selfie camera!

We all know that taking "selfies" is the IN thing nowadays. With the new Samsung NX mini, it's much easier for you to take your selfies. Just flip up the screen and you're ready to go. Comes with three different modes: Normal mode (press shutter and wait for 3 second timer to countdown), Smile shot (Just smile widely and the shutter will fire off automatically!) or Wink shot! (Just wink and a 3 second timer will go off).

Plus, the camera’s 9-27mm wide lens makes it extremely easy to take photos and wefies with all my friends!

Not only that, by just flipping the display screen, the camera will automatically turn on by itself! You don't have to press the switch on button anymore. Fast, convenient and easy!

Functions wise, it's pretty much the same except that they have additional Smart modes like, "Food" and "Kids Shot", that I've yet to try it out.

There is also an External Flash on the camera so you can take bright photos no matter where you are!

One more thing I love about Samsung cameras is that most of them have Wifi. 

The Samsung NX mini is no exception of course! I can transfer my photos via Wifi to my phone that’s NFC compatible. But if yours isn’t NFC compatible, you can still use Mobile Link to transfer your photos too, so no worries!

So I can now easily transfer photos from my camera to my phone right away.

Also, although this camera is small and light, don’t belittle it! It actually has a really long battery life, and can take up to 530 shots at 2,330 mAh – no more worrying about not having enough battery to take photos throughout the day!

Did you know that the Samsung NX mini also comes with the Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5? Another reason for Photoshop junkies to get this camera!

Quality of the photos? You judge it yourself! No edits!

Do check out my fellow gushers in this video!

Thank you so much Samsung for this awesome gadget!


Lydia Izzati

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