Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ADVERTORIAL: StarHub Rewards

I've always been a user of StarHub ever since I was 10 years old. Yes, I had my first Nokia 3310 handphone when I was primary 5. My whole family is an avid user of StarHub! From home broadband to mobile phone lines and to StarHub TV. So, can you imagine how loyal my whole family is with StarHub? Very, loyal users. P/s: My mum is in the Platinum Club okay :p

Admit it, whenever we're planning to sign up for a new line, we will only look out for "Attractive plan deals" and "Phone model prices". Most of us do that, don't we? But hey, do you know that StarHub has loyalty programs too?

Here's what I wanna share with my readers! Many of us aren't really aware of the benefits that we had when we signed a contract with StarHub. So what's StarHub Rewards is all about?

“3 Steps to Happiness”
1.     Browse,
2.     Redeem,
3.     Enjoy!

It's pretty simple! For every dollar you paid on StarHub services, you'll earn 1 Reward Point! Easy as that! So, for example if you're paying your bill this month which cost you $100, in return, you'll earn 100 reward points.

So how does it work?

All you have to do is log in to your StarHub ID and you’re good to go! Let me share with you my points for now…

Currently I have 1,180 points with me, not that much as I just opened up a new line using my own name.


Simple as that :D

So what to do next those reward points?

With the new improvised website, it’s much more easier to browse through the catalogue. StarHub Rewards now has wide varieties to choose from! You’ll be split for choices!

EAT Rewards: 
Look at that amazing dish from The White Rabbit...I've always heard that they have an amazing menu; now there's a reason for me to do so!!

PLAY Rewards:
Don't be fooled by this short snippet of the Play rewards, you can redeem trips to Adventure Cove, S.E.A Aquarium and even Universal Studios! I thought it was quite clever for them to make this as a family occasion, if the number of rewards points are enough to redeem: offering Adult, Child and Senior prices :) 

Beyond that, I can even redeem a short staycation at Conrad Hotel! 

SHOP Rewards (!!!): 
Surprisingly, I thought the SHOP rewards were probably just discount vouchers for retail therapy but I can actually also redeem $50 vouchers for Singapore Repertory Theatre musicals or plays! 

Yes, you have wideeeeeee range of varieties to choose from, I’m sure you’ll have a hard time deciding which to redeem for! Like me, LOL!

While I was browsing through the catalogue, I found something interesting. Guess what?

I’m redeeming my points for..

$10 Bill Rebate!
There’s other options like $5, $10, $20, $30 or $50 bill rebate. If only there’s enough points for me to redeem for more, I definitely would. To come and think of it, I don’t mind redeeming this reward as much as I can. My monthly bill is usually $60+, so imagine if I could pay lesser monthly, which means, I’ll save more! :D Sounds good?

Another promotion that attracts me is..

StarHub Shop Voucher!

Who doesn’t love vouchers?! Hopefully by then I’ll have sufficient points to redeem when iPhone 6 is out! Yay! :D

StarHub Rewards is always coming up with new promotions so not to worry, if you don’t find anything interesting, you’ll definitely find something that you like in the future. Like what they always say, save the best for the last! :D What’s better, is that you can redeem your rewards anytime anywhere, from your mobile phones/tablets!
Start rewarding yourself now at

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Lydia Izzati

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