Friday, June 27, 2014

Hollyhoque @ Orchard Gateway

For those of you who had been an avid reader of mine, I'm pretty sure Hollyhoque isn't new to you guys. Hollyhoque had been one of my sponsors for almost a year already! I could still remember the first time Sheila, the owner of Hollyhoque, approached me about sponsorship and how elated I was. Hollyhoque was one of the first few bloghsops I shopped with way back then about three years back. In fact ever since then, that's where it all started and my sponsorships with other blogshops grew. Thank you Sheila once again, for always being so generous and kind!

So, last Monday, I head down over to their new store located at the basement of Orchard Gateway, #B2-02 to be exact! This outlet is much more bigger and more spacious as compared to the one previously at Far East Plaza. And when I meant by bigger, obviously there's wider choice of apparels! I was indeed spoilt for choices! I took so long browsing through every shelve, every rack, just to ensure that I pick the one that suits me best. (Of course, I wish I could own all of em! Lol!)

What I love most about Hollyhoque, they have wide varieties to choose from office wear to casual or formal wear, tops, dresses, bottoms, and even accessories!

So, let the hunting begins!

Grabbed a few items and head over to the changing room to try on a few outfits! I only had about half an hour to look around as I came slightly later and the shop was about to close. I felt so bad for holding the salesperson back, but she was very kind in helping me out choosing my items! Two thumbs up for the efficient service! 

And it was time for decision making. I swear, I had a hard time choosing, but decision has to be made. 

Oh okay, I'm not done yet. I actually couldn't get my mind off the bag that I saw earlier the minute I stepped into the shop. So…. I shamelessly walked to the bag section, and asked..

And tada! I got my "Style a Minute" bag too! 

And of course, happy girl is indeed very happy with her pick. 

Thank you so much once again, Hollyhoque! Girls, if you wanna know my shopping experience at Hollyhoque, get down to their new physical store conveniently located at Orchard Getaway #B2-02

Simply quote my name, "LYDIA"and you'll get 10% off storewide! Hurry shop your way down to Hollyhoque now! Promotion valid till 15th July.

Alternatively, you can shop away at their website here or by simply clicking the Hollyhoque logo at the sidebar! :)

And let me share with you my OOTDs featuring my picks from Hollyhoque!

Wore it out the very next day I went for my anniversary date with Aiman.

I've always been a fan of bright colors and floral prints! I'll never get sick and tired of it. See what I meant by bright color prints can instantly make you happy? 
Yeah, indeed I look like one happy fat girl in my picture below. Lol!

Next would be featuring the Thrill City Skinny Jeans Vr 2 and Style a Minute Bag!

One of the reason I've picked the Thrill City Skinny Jeans that's because I realized that I only own a few pair of jeans. I always had a hard time choosing the perfect jeans for me that's because I'm always fussy of the color and the cutting. But, I simply love this cutting pair of the jeans! It fits me perfectly and I can definitely wear this out on my casual day out.

Needed I say more? This Style a Minute bag also comes with a strap, so anytime I don't feel like hand carrying it, I can simply sling the bag! This shall be my new favourite bag! :D

I'm already planning on wearing the super comfy Electronic Botanic Pants during the weekends perhaps! Because Sundays is always my lazy day, I know I can simply pair it with a white tank top, flip flops, and I'll still look great! Hehe. Keep a lookout on my Instagram for more of my OOTD shots!

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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