Sunday, June 8, 2014

Presenting to you… Umairah Halal Food!

Just in a blink of an eye, it's already June. In three weeks time, our dear muslim brothers and sisters will be welcoming Ramadhan. Yes, fasting month is just around the corner! I'm always excited during fasting month because that's when my whole family will be busy handling our shop at Jurong East wet market. If ya'll haven't know yet, my family shop "Umairah Halal Food" has been established since 1992! Wahhhhh… 22 years already lei! Since I was born, can you imagine?! I'm so proud of my parents who has been standing strong, running this business on their own.

So, one fine day, my mum told us she didn't want to continue the business when the lease expire next year. It was really sad because I grew up with this family business in me. That's when my brother Khairul and I, told my mum, we will take it from there. We've come to realize that our parents are getting older, and which means, it's about time for us to take over and run the business. Therefore, we came up with the idea of bringing the whole business into the online market! Admit it, most of us nowadays are IT savvy. Most of the times, we're always on our iPhones, iPad, Tab and so forth. Being a blogger and social media influencer myself, I know the potential is bigger here and it's more effective doing business online. Just look at the amount of young entrepreneurs today! Everything is so much easier. You don't need to have capital to rent a space to start your business, you can just do it online. Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, anything. See? The power of social media.

Why we decided to bring it online?

We wanna make it easier for you! Now my dear readers, let's all give our mummies a break and make their life easier, shall we? :D Save your hassle and beat the queue of going to the wet market, supermarket, Sheng Shiong, Giant, NTUC.. you can now just browse through online catalogue, and order with us! We will deliver right to your doorstep! 

Hence, I'm proud to announce that ..
Umairah Halal Food is now on Facebook
And insya'allah if everyhing goes well, we will have our official website soon. 

So, what Umairah Halal Food is all about? 

Umairah Halal Food is a 100% Muslim-owned retail business which specializes in direct-to-consumer selling of fresh and frozen Halal meat.

Yes, you name it. From fresh whole chicken to chicken wings, chicken drumstick and fresh meat.

Not only just poultry & meat, we also cater to BBQs and all other events!

Our Authentic Marinated Chicken Wing

Our Signature Red Chilli Flavoured Chicken Wing

Our Signature Black Pepper Chicken Wing

If you're planning on BBQs or chalets, call us! We have wide varieties to choose from, be it from marinated chicken wings to our originally home-made satay, just at your fingertips! Easy as that, huh?

So dear youngsters, since you're having June holidays and if you're having class chalets/bbqs, thinking of how to make marinated chicken wings, don't trouble your mummies okay? :p 

Wait.. not only we sell fresh chicken & meat..

We bring in Instant Paste & Groceries too!
Over the years, our clientete grows to include households, eateries, canteens and caterers. With the increase in demand for readily-made food, we have embarked on our own brands of authentic marinated food, crafted from our traditional Malay recipes.

We aim to be the leading e-commerence Halal Food store to households in Singapore.

So how do you make your purchase?

1) Browse through our Facebook Album Catalogue.

2) Place an order with us:
-Through our Facebook page message
-Call/Whatsapp/Sms us at these hotlines:
9455 5721 (Uji) / 9851 6295 (Jas)
9457 6735 (Khai) 

3) Select your delivery method: Self-Collection/Delivery

We do delivery for a minimum order of $50, with a delivery fee of $5.
For orders $99 above, delivery will be Free-Of-Charge.

Alternatively, you my drop by our stall and say hello to us!

Our stall is at Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, situated at
Jurong East Blk 347 Ave 1 #01-72/73

And you're all ready to go! 

For special enquiries and bulk purchases,
please get in touch with us personally so we can cater to your customized needs.

So, my dear readers, please show your support to our humble family business, okay? We're slowly expanding, and your support is greatly appreciated! Since Ramadhan is around the corner, we're planning to bring in more Ramadhan goods.. perhaps Rendang? Ketupat? Kuih Raya goodies? Yup, just stay tune for my updates okay? Like our Facebook Page and keep yourself updated there!

Thank you so much once again!
Looking forward to meet you readers during your purchase! :D

Lydia Izzati

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