Thursday, June 19, 2014

Umairah Eid's Specials

Let me now present to you,

Umairah Halal Food Eid's Specials! 

Again, one fine day I was sitting down thinking how can I contribute to our family's business, to make it more interesting for this coming Hari Raya.. and tada! Something came into my mind. Yes, let's bake and bring in hari raya cookies!

So yes, we're going all out this Aidilfitri! We wanna make sure you're fully prepared from yummy mouth-watering hari raya dishes to hari raya goodies. So, welcoming the Eid's Special with our Raya Cookies!




*My personal favourite!*


*My another favourite!*

Yup, the five famous mouth-watering cookies! Not to worry about the taste, I can assure you that you'll love it, and in fact, you won't stop munching em! I gave a few friends and makcik-makciks to try out before deciding to take orders, and alhamdulilah, they love it! Even kids love it!

Honestly if you were to ask me which are my personal favourites, I would pick all. LOL! That's because I do what I love. And what I love is what YOU love. This year, I've ventured out into a new recipe, which is the Mars Crispies. Trust me, you'll love this one. It won't be any typical Chocolate Cornflakes but it'll be much more tastier than that. So that got to be my favourite pick for all! 

As for Tapak Kuda, we are using 101% Nutella filling! Guaranteed. You'll love this one too. 

We've decided to make it more colorful and interesting for the Choc Chip Cookies, therefore we decided to rename it "Rainbow Choc Chip Cookies"! 

Needed I explain more for the Honey Cornflakes and M&M Cookies? They're everyone's all-time favourite. Enough said.

So here's the price list:

For every dollar of kuih sold, Umairah Halal Food will be donating to charity homes like Jamiyah and other Masjids. 

Here's a few important points to note!

  • We will stop taking orders on the 6th July 2014, second week of Ramadhan (That will gives us ample of time to collate all orders and start baking them)
  • Payment is to be made upon confirmation via bank transfers. Latest payment to be made by 11th July 2014.
  • For those who opt for deliveries, it will be made on the last week of Ramadhan! 
  • Self-Collection is also available at our home address, Yew Tee, or at our stall, Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre.

Collection Method:
  • Delivery charge of $5/per location
  • Self-Collection at Yew Tee, or at our Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre (Only on the last week of Ramadhan)

How to place an order?
1) E-mail to me at with your orders
-Contact No.
2) Once confirmed, I'll issued out an E-Invoice to you. 
3) Wait for the goodies to be delivered right to your doorstep!

One bonus question from a reader, "Who will be the one delivering the cookies?"

My answer will be… In Sha Allah if everything goes well, if I am free on the day of delivery, you'll see ME at your doorstep! :D I've been wanting to meet my readers who'se been supporting me all this while, and I feel it's my turn to show my appreciation to you guys by doing a small favour in return. With that, I hope to meet you readers soon! 

This will be my first time taking orders for kuih raya, so please show me your support! :)

Lydia Izzati

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