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Presenting.. SingTel Youth Plan!

Admit it, most of us are IT Savy these days. We are often too dependent on technology and we're always on our phones, iPad, tablets etc. Everything is made so much simpler now.  Booking a cab can be done via your phone, you no longer have to queue to transfer money and all it takes now is just a swipe on the app and the money will be transferred within mins. Just when everything is made easier with the help of technology and the internet, I think there’s something most of us do not realized .. it’s the fact that most of us constantly face the same issue which is ..  EXCEEDING YOUR MOBILE DATA EVERY MONTH!

My bills are ALWAYS exceeding all thanks to my excessive data usage.

I could still remember the first time I signed up for my iPhone plan, I only had a miserable 2GB. (Back then they had 8gb/16gb/32gb before 4G was introduced)
 Yeap, I clearly have no idea which insane person would actually find it enough to survive 2GB monthly. Being a blogger/social media influencer myself, I don't think it's ever possible for me to live with just 2GB. (Downloading apps and streaming of videos can already takes up so much!?)

Without fail, I can never maintain paying $58 monthly.

Then I upgraded to 5GB and it still… exceeds.

For every GB exceed, it cost me $8.56.

And thank god for the wifi at home, I personally feel that it actually saves my life big time or else I would have probably 5-8gb exceeded!?

Second issue that I'm ALWAYS facing. 

Honestly, I have no idea why the heck I'm always facing this issue but this has been one of the most FRUSTRATING problems I encounter in my entire life. On days when I'm happily talking on the phone with my boyfriend, the line will cut off out from nowhere and it’s usually stated there "Call Failed". The next thing I know, No Service.

(Hello to the 13 people who fav and RT, you probably face the same problem like I do!)

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you definitely know how I have been diligently complaining about this and on how my connection has always been failing on me. It's really frustrating when you're at a certain place, everyone else has their connection and you don't get yours at all. 

But thank god my contract is expiring real soon. 

So I did my research and went to check out other telcos plans. After much considerations, I've finally made up my mind and decided to change to..


Now allow me to share with you my honest view on why I find SingTel is a great catch compare to the other two. Last night, I asked my followers this on Twitter: 

Seems like everyone's facing this problem, don't we? Phone bills getting more expensive all thanks to our exceeded data. With that, SingTel has came up with a new brilliant idea..

SingTel Youth Plan! 
(Applicable to all Youths & NSF men too! Abang NS, don't worry, we didn't miss you out)

What’s so good about this Youth Plan? Wait first. What if I tell you I have the power to give you extra 2GB if you sign up for SingTel’s Youth Plan? And give you 10% off your monthly subscription?

Sounds like a good deal right? Hehehe.

Well, here what you simply need to do.

And you’ll be directed to this page.
For new sign-ups only, on top of the already very attractive perks, you’ll be entitled to get $50 off for new mobile phone + Free additional 2GB on top of your chosen plan + 10% off your monthly plan!

Don’t get too excited!

You’ll only get to enjoy these deals if you sign up through

After which, you’ll be directed to a list of phones to choose.

So this shall be my pick.. The new LG G3!

Select your new number.
Or, you can choose to retain your current number.

Choose your desired mobile plan. Do note that only the Lite and Value Youth plan will get the additional perks from my link!

For non-existing customers, you’ll be required to have one additional step! Sign-up with a SingTel account for free! :)

And this is how your Order Summary will look like! Do take note that $50 off mobile handset will only be shown here while the additional 2GB that I mentioned earlier will only be reflected when the bill is mailed to you. Not only that, you can also Trade-In your old phone! I was so curious on how they works, therefore I decided to select my phone and see how much more will I need to top up and to my surprise…


It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Similar to how you queue and sign up for new-line in any other outlets, you’re going through the exact whole process but at a much shorter time! Choose your phone, choose your new number, or alternatively, you can select your number from your current telco and switch.

Just that this time round, everything inclusive of paying can all be done online. Much simpler! J For the payment of the mobile phone, you can choose to pay by cash, Nets or Credit cards and fret not, SingTelshop accepts VISA, Master Card and UOB Debit Card and is 100% secured.

Once everything is done, just wait for your phone to be delivered to you!

In the event that you are still skeptical to purchase the phone online and still want the additional perks by purchasing the phone at a physical store, you will still be able to get the deal .. ONLY IF you send your Name, Contact, Address and NRIC to
(with the Email Subject: SingTel Youth Plan Lydia Izzati).

For those of you’re unsure still, here’s a few that might answer your doubts.

Who is eligible for the Youth Plan?
All youths! As long as you’re still a student with a valid student card, you’re entitled to sign up for the Youth Plan. Not forgetting, our NSF Men too. Remember to show your 11B!

Is there any age limit?
If you are below 18, you require a photo of your parent/guardian guarantor’s IC when you apply online. If you go down to the SingTel shops, your parent/guardian guarantor needs to be present. If you are above 18, you can do everything yourself!
How long will the phone be delivered?
2-4 working days!
How does the phone trade-in works?
Upon delivering the phone to your doorstep, you’ll be required to hand over the phone that you’ve chose to trade-in. The officer in charge will do a check and collect the phone from you. Simple as that!
Terms & Conditions applies! 
Till then!
Lydia Izzati


  1. Hey, i am a private student though... will i be eligible to sign this up? :/

    1. Hello! Do you have your Student Card? As long as you have your student card, you can sign up! :)

  2. does private student eligible to sign up the contract? but i doesn't have student card but i have the document... is it possible?

  3. Wow not deleted yet and no apology. Must be waiting ti be sued. Can't wait.


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