Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet my new toy, LG G3!

It’s been about a month now since I had the LG G3 phone. I waited this long because I wanted to live with the G3 to decide if its many features that live up to the hype.

When the launch of LG G3 was announced in the news, to be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I’ve been a loyal Apple iPhone user all this while and I always find it weird to be using an Android phone because I never really like using Android. I think it might all boils down to the resistance to step out from my comfort zone, I was rather skeptical about making the switch.

But after a month with the G3 I have to admit that I was wrong ..  The LG G3 phone is really addictive. 

One thing that got me awhile of getting used to was that the phone size is so much bigger compared to my previous phone! Especially to my fellow iPhone users .. do you all feel the same way when you make the switch to an android? Think I’m way too used to having the iPhone on my palm every single time such that the LG G3 really feels so much bigger as compared.

As much as the phone looks like it’s made of metal, it is actually made of plastic, but finishing it off with a metallic design.  Having it made out of plastic it’s not that bad after all because it’s super light!! The G3 is really thin ad slick and there wasn’t any button at the front or alongside of the phone except for the one at the back to adjust the volume and to screenshot which was really simple after a while.

So you might be thinking other that it being super lightweight what other features does the G3 offer?
Here’s a summary of why I love my LG G3!

I fell in love with the screen display. How can I not!? It’s Quad HD! That’s 2560 x 1400 if you prefer in pixels. Watching videos through YouTube is so much clearer and sharper now. For a moment I felt like I was watching on a mini HD TV.

I gotta be honest that the 13 megapixel camera really takes pretty good photos.  They also have a built-in beauty mode function for the front camera so that now your selfie photos are much nicer and more “flawless”. Oh wait, they don’t call it front camera. They called it the “Selfie Shot” camera which is technically what everybody uses nowadays!

Comes with a few cool settings! There’s a voice shutter option, which automatically take pictures when you say, “Cheese, Smile,  LG, Kimchi, Whiskey”. How cute! This feature works for both front and back camera. Not only that, there’s also a hand gesture feature. Whereby you have to make a fist and the camera counts down from three before taking a snap. Just like that!

Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo and wished you could restore it? LG G3 simply does that! Awesome!

There’s other few cool features which I find it rather amusing.
The Knock Code!

Getting bored of the same method of locking your phone? LG G3 has come out with various methods to lock your phone. And this new method would be the .. Knock Code- where you can customize your own knocking pattern with 3-8 taps which I thought it was really creative and convenient. And with this you no longer have to worry about people having your phone password!

Remote Control!!

Have you ever sat comfortably on your sofa only to realize that your SingTel MIO TV remote is far away from you and you wish that the remote can just fly to you? Fret not, you can now use your G3 as a remote itself. Cool shit!!! When I first figured out this, I was soooo amazed with how a phone can do so many things. And yeap, that’s my boyfriend’s who’s as excited as I am trying out this application while watching his soccer match haha. It really amazed me with how much technology can do these days, and it’s no wonder people this generation is getting so attached to their mobile/electronic devices because it really makes life so much easier and fuss-free.

Dual Window!

Whoever invented this, you’re definitely genius. Basically the dual window function is something like multi-tasking, doing two things at one go. For example, here’s me watching a YouTube videos while texting my boyfriend at the same time. It’s super convenient and you no longer have to switch in between apps anymore!

With that being said, I can foresee LG G3 being the next in thing, especially for android users. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not considering LG G3.

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Lydia Izzati

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