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Advert- My Beauty Box; Vanity Trove!

You know girls get a thrill opening a little blue box? I could feel the same excitement when I look at my personalized Vanity Trove box. I felt like a kid again, opening the box. I guess there is always something fascinating about a parcel that incites a bit of thrill and makes even the most mundane of odds and ends seem magical.

Vanity Trove is a Singapore-based beauty box company which not just gives you good quality samples, but also full-sized items packed in the box too!  The idea is that you fill out your beauty profile, they offer you a range of samples to suit your profile, and you pick the ones you want. What Vanity Trove has effectively done is hunt down a treasure trove of skincare and makeup goodies and other lifestyle products and send it to your doorstep at a great price.

When I first got my personalized Vanity Trove box, I was super elated looking at my own photo printed on the box! Didn’t expect it to turn out looking so pretty because I only previously saw it in a pdf file.  I love the fact that the box is very posh and elegant-looking and it can be slide out easily.

A special card with my personalized message written in it for you girls! J

With Vanity Trove you get to discover new products for priming and prepping without having to commit to buying a full-sized item onset. Each trove presents a good variety of products, from health to skincare to make-up! Awesome, isn’t it? The value of the box definitely exceeds the amount you paid for.

My Vanity Trove box consists of mainly skin products. In my opinion, I personally feel that it’s important to take good care of our skin, no matter at what gender or age we’re in. Well, do you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? But yet it’s still easy to take them for granted.  Our skin is constantly protecting us. It keeps infection out of our body and keeps us from getting sick. Our skin defines us and really does make us all appear different, therefore it’s amazing what our skin can really do. Great skin improves the way you feel about yourself and in turn glowing, healthy skin helps to promote well being.

So here are my favourite picks!

SKIN INC Pure Revival Peel

I personally think this product is good. My skin needs SKIN INC Pure Revival Peel (Part of the Skin INC Get Awesome Skin Set. The box will only have either the Mask, Peel or Serum ) because with the amount of work I need to complete, assignments, shoots, and the severe lack of sleep, it constantly make my skin looks dull ad lifeless. On another hand, I am not an avid fan of facial scrub and I usually avoid it at all cost because of my dry skin. But big thanks to Vanity Trove and the Skin Inc Team  for introducing me to ths Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel! This revolutionary product uses a breakthrough microfiber formula to get rid of old, dead cells that dull the skin's surface – and it does this without stinging or being harsh to my super dry skin! It really getting rid of the outermost layer of skin, helping newer cells come through, and giving me a younger-looking complexion. And when my skin become smooth, makeup glides on better and stays put and the very best thing I learnt from it that achieving a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion should not be painful :)

Stiefel Spectraban Sensitive

I usually try to maintain the habit of applying moisturizer and sunscreen before applying any make-up or before heading out. I’m pretty sure Stiefel Spectraban Sensitive isn’t new to anyone. The purpose of using sunscreen is to absorb or reflects the UV radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight and thus, helps to protect against sunburnt. Not many people actually practice applying sunscreen because they don’t find it important. But for me I’ll ensure that my skin is well-protected especially in this weather in Sg it’s even more important to double up the protection!

Lierac Day & Night Voluptoud Cream

And of course, before going to sleep, it’s important for us pamper our skin too! Lierac Voluptoud cream helps to hydrates and revitalizes my skin. It also helps to improve smoothness, and repair damage of my skin. 

Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Oil

This has got to be my favourite item of all! I’ve always been a fan of Shiseido products for my hair because their products are really good. As ya’ll know, my hair is often exposed to chemicals, thus resulting to damage hair. My hair sponsor, Shunji Matsuo, has been doing a great job in taking care of my hair. However, I know I need to play my part too in doing hair treatments at home at least 2-3 times a week. I’ve been searching for the perfect hair oil and I’m glad I came across Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Oil. Not only it helps to protect my hair, replenishing supplements in my hair, it also helps my hair to be shiny. Comparing to other hair treatment oil, most of them become oxidized right after being exposed outside. However, Shiseiso Tsubaki Hair Oil actually stays fresh even after being exposed. It doesn’t dry your hair out easily; therefore your hair will stay shiny and soft the whole day! Super awesome!

Thank you to the VT team for sending over the full-sized pack! Do take note that you’ll be receiving a smaller travel-sized when purchasing my VT box J

 Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquers

And of course, what’s beauty box without any make-up? Every girl definitely needs at least one lip lacquers in their make-up pouch!

 COLLECTION Colour Pro Lip Lacquer is available in four shades: Rebel (dark pink), IT Girl (nude pink), Prom Queen (mid pink) and Show Off (orange). I got mine in Rebel!

Vanity Trove is now more than just a beauty box. You can share and connect with many other beauty lovers about your beauty hauls, experience, daily looks and inspirations. There are so many other products in my box which I really hope you guys will love it as much as me!

 Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence

This is suitable for all skin types! The Laneige Whitening Essence mildly renews skin to be radiant and clear which is honestly my sole skin concern. This essence embraces your skin and feathery smooth suppleness to restore the naturally bright complexion and melts on the skin for a cool and refreshing texture that leaves smoothness an penetrates quickly for a smooth skin texture and an even skin tone. As I was saying, this product is from Paraben, animal originated ingredients, artificial colorants and mineral oil. This also claims to have this 6 functions: luster, moisture, brightens, evens skin tone, slows melanin rate and reduces dullness.

Here’s are the other few items in the box! :)
Too Cool For School Moroccan Foam Cleanser

I guess not many people are aware of the existence of this brand over here in Singapore! Too Cool For School product is a new brand from South Korea. Upon dispensed, the foam is a milky white with mocha color. It is thicker in terms of texture when you applied it on your face. A plus point about this foam cleanser is it does well in removing some left over make-ups.

Too Cool For School Dual Primer

Another Too Cool for School product, what I love about this dual primer is it gives off a natural finish. It spreads out really easily, covering up my pores and it gives a smoother finish for me to apply my foundation. Plus point: I love the flowery scent! Very fresh and light!!

My Beauty Diary Aroma Vanilla Mask

Of course who doesn’t love mask! Great for sensitive skin and won’t make your skin oily! I greatly recommend this series of mask! I break out very easily especially during periods but these masks have been doing a good job in unclogging my pores. It leaves my skin feeling supple and I love how it moisture and nourished my skin, awesome! J

Want one yourself as a gift? Or planning to get a gift for your friend? Girlfriend? Best friend? Sister? Mother? Now here’s the link to purchase this box:

Now, here’s the deal. Only for the first 50 customers, you’ll be guaranteed 1 full sized item from my pick. Simply insert the unique promo code: LYDIAXOXO to get the box for $35 + 1 Free Full Sized Item! So, hurry!!!

You need to sign up and have an account with Vanity Trove first, or you can also sign up via your Facebook account or Twitter! :)

Do you know anyone whose day doesn’t get better right away when they receive a package at the door? No, right? Everyone loves a good surprise, even if it’s something from yourself! It always brings a big smile to my face whenever I receive a package, regardless of whether it was something I ordered for myself or from a company.

Show your support and get your Trove box today! Going at only $35 per box, I assure you it’ll be worth it ;)

(P/s: Heard that VT is in the midst of organizing a meet and greet for lucky 30-50 fans after this campaign, so.. I'm looking forward to meet you girls! Will definitely update you girls again on this if it's confirmed!)

Can’t wait to see you guys uploading your photos using the products! Tag me hokay!

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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