Sunday, September 14, 2014

I love Shunji Matsuo!

This was approximately two months ago when I had to highlight my hair for an upcoming drama in Suria. I was told by my director that I looked too decent for my character, therefore he told me to add colors to my hair. It was my first time bleaching my hair blonde and I was afraid that I looked rather… minah-ish. But thank god Fann managed to do what's best for me and accommodating to my needs at a very last minute! 

This is why I love Shunji Matsuo. Not plainly because they are my hair sponsor, but I simply love how I feel like home every time I'm at the saloon. For me, service plays an important role. You don't have to be necessary comes from a tiptop brand. Even if the cost of cutting hair is pricey but if you don't have a good customer service, I guess it means nothing to me at all. It's been more than a year since I'm engaged to Shunji Matsuo and I'm so thankful to get my hair taken care of from them! So much love for my stylist, Fann! :)

Last two Mondays, I head down to Shunji Matsuo once again to get my hair done. This time round, I did Cosme Cream Treatment. Which is also known as soft rebonding. 

My hair is actually very wavy by nature, therefore I've been doing Cosme Cream Treatment at least once every six months. I love doing soft rebonding compared to normal rebonding because it gives a natural finish! Soft and silky hair, yeay!

Yeap, notice that few aluminum foils? Fann had to cover that part due to my previous highlights. 

And a week later, I came back to change my hair color because it wasn't recommended to do a few chemical services at one go. I've been wanting to cover up the highlight back as it looked super dry and horrible! :X

If you think it's not that bad, wait till I show you a closer look..

Yes, it was really, really, horrible. My hair faded and it turned out to be some weird color.. and what's more, the outgrown black roots makes it even uglier. 

So time for a serious change of hair color! 

Told Fann that I wanted to go for a darker tone, thus.. she picked the right choice of color for me. 

Just realized that I've grown chubbier :(

And here's the final results of my hair! 

Simply love the color! My hair looks so much better now, and healthier of course! Fann never fails to disappoint me and always did her best in taking care of my hair. The trick to healthier looking hair is always.. darker tone of hair colour ;)

Thank you ICON Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu!
You can book your appointments with them at 6737 5311 and quote my name during your visit to get 10% off all hair treatments! :)

Can't wait to come back again for my hair treatment!

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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