Monday, December 1, 2014

Shooting shooting shooting! - A&E Suria, behind the scenes!

We live life the best way anything we can – we live by constantly making mistakes, constantly flattering, constantly changing our paths and directions in life, and constantly judging our each and every move. We live to blunder and to learn from our mistakes.

Making mistakes is a necessary part of life as they do not only teach us, but they bring us a step closer to finding ourselves. Being human can make us appreciating our lives difficult – many really do have difficult lives.

It’s having nothing that will allow you to appreciate everything. It’s failing miserably over and over again that will allow you to succeed. It’s struggling and losing that will allow you to prosper and find happiness.

And that moment you realize if you hadn’t failed miserably, you would have never learned your lesson.

People fail all the time, often failing multiple times at the very same things. Failing is one of the greatest things in the world, as it reminds us how imperfect we are, it reminds us how much we need to learn in order to become the people we wish to be.

My apologies for the lack of updates in this space. I haven't had the time to update this blog due to my tight schedule :(

For that one whole month of being away, there's so many things that I learned. 

Imagine being away for a month, you're all by yourself. And suddenly, it makes me appreciate everything even more. My family, my friends, my loved ones, my room, my mum's home-cooked food.. everything.

All of us were away in Kuala Lumpur for a good one month for an upcoming drama that will be air on Suria, tittled "A&E". Well if you watch Grey's Anatomy, you'll roughly know how the concept of the drama will be like.

Here's a little teaser of our photos behind the scene..

The whole experience was nothing but… the best! From the whole atmosphere at the studio, to the cast and crew.. everything. 

And if you were to ask me, how was my experience shooting in KL compared to Singapore? It's so much different! Well, it's my first time shooting in KL (I'm not pretty sure how other production works), but from what I see, they really took care of their casts and crew welfare. From transportation, to food and to all kind of services. I was actually pretty amazed!

When your friends became your family. 
I guess that's the most memorable moment of all. I love how all of us took care of one another just like our own family. And I can never ask for a better team, they are simply the best! Each and every one of them plays a huge role in this whole drama.

And of course, it's always nice to catch up with an old buddy. It was one of the night where Shah decided to drop by on set to visit us and brought us out for supper that night! Thank you Shah for driving us!

And I was so happy I finally got to meet my cousin after.. .7 years?! It's so difficult to meet her because she's staying in KL and I'm in Singapore, so I took the chance to arrange a catch-up session with her when I was there! Hehe.

And of course, nothing can beat family's love. I couldn't be more than thankful to have my parents flying over just to stay for a night with me. Specifically, I forgot to appreciate, acknowledge and respect how they spends their day, not because I don't care, but because I am often so caught up in how I am spending my day that I forgot to check in with theirs. I've come to realize that my parents are getting older, they are not strong enough to walk miles and the slightest thing like eating at a non-fancy restaurant makes them happy. With that, I made a promise to myself that once I embarking a new career soon, In Sha Allah I'll do my best to make the happy and proud of me. 

So much love for KL and I can't wait to see what lies ahead of me.

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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