Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What being a blogger is all about?

So you think being a blogger is easy? Hell no.

This post is just a sincere heartfelt from me, and for whatever I wrote, it doesn't links to any organisation, any company, any shop or anyone that I worked with.

In our society today, everyone wants to be a blogger. Everyone claims they are a blogger.

But, what actually blogger is all about?

Anyone can be a blogger. Set up a website. Basic writing skills. Tadah, you're already considered a blogger.

Many of you people think that being blogger is fun, awesome, cool. Yes, being a blogger is fun. I can't deny, I've always loved all the assignments I get for blogging.

But, not many people knows actually the hardship that bloggers go through. People see us one lucky bastards. We get sponsorships from head to toe, from hair saloon to manicure and pedicure to apparels, we get stuffs for free, we get to attend private events and concerts. But putting aside all the good stuffs we get, it's actually not that simple. It's hard-earned. People don't see the hard work of bloggers staying up in the wee hours, burning the midnight oil, research, long working hours, cracking up our brains and finishing up our drafts for our blog post. Just to ensure that we put up a good post for everyone to read.

Allow me to share my personal encounter. Sometimes, people just don't understand that good things doesn't comes in free. When people engaged me to do advertising for them in Instagram(esp for blogshops), they don't see a need why they should pay. I've encounter e-mails from blogshops telling me that they want me to advertise their items, but refused to pay the advertising fee. Similar to you posting your advertisement in a small column in a newspaper, do you post it for free? No. Allow me to explain. There's a huge difference between Sponsorship & Advertising. In my terms, advertising comes with a fee. When you engage someone to advertise, you'll pay the advertising fee, you'll send over your item(s), then the blogger will work on whats needed (take photos, write a caption etc), and then post it up, work is done. Simple as that. Where else, Sponsorship is a little bit different. Whenever I'm being offered sponsorships from blogshops, I select my sponsorship carefully. That's because I want to make sure that the apparels are my kind of style, and also it can connects to my followers, ranging from their age group from school girls to working adults and to mothers even. I've encounter such incidents whereby I receive e-mails from certain blogshops, saying, "Hey Lydia! We will like to send you a gift. Could you give us your address?" And the next thing when it came into my mailbox…. it's an apparel that's off my style :/ And suddenly, "Hi, have you receive the item? Can you post it in your Instagram soon and tag us?"

You see, sometimes people just don't get it. This is why sometimes I reject gifts or sponsorships, not because I want to, but sometimes I just felt they are just making use of my social media platforms to promote their business :( but I do appreciate so much to those who sinecrely wants to give gifts! thank you <3 Is it fair to those who paid to advertise on my space?

Ok lah, kindda off topic.

I started off as a normal average girl next door who owns an "online journal", writing about my daily life stories. For those of you whom have followed me closely back from my blogging days in my secondary school, you would probably have known. I've always love and enjoy blogging so much, and it had always been my passion blogging about my life. I don't blog for a living. And blogging is definitely not my primary source of income.

I know, I might not be good in writing, I might have grammatical errors here and there, I don't use bombastic words in my post. Broken english, or even Singlish, sometimes. Aiya, who cares. We're not writing for papers or magazines, there's no need to be so perfect ok. Blogging is all about how you write as an individual. Moving to where I am now, taking blogging to a whole new level. I'm proud to say that it's been almost two years I've been managed by Gushcloud. And honestly, I've never met a group of community who is so genuine in helping others. Gushcloud isn't just all that, it's already like a family to me. When I first signed to Gushcloud, they were probably about a year old. Unlike any other human being who worked under a new company, we all have doubts. Don't we? But hey, always remember, everybody starts from the bottom. And nobody suddenly be on the top, just like that. A baby needs to learn how to crawl too before they learn how to walk. No doubt, there were a couple of hiccups here and there. Late payments. Most of us encountered that. (I was from NN when they were pretty new back then and I encounter that too) When we had our end of year briefing, we addressed the issue to our CEO, Vincent and Althea. They explained on their side why payments were delayed, not because it wasn't on purpose, but sometimes clients themselves pays the company late. Therefore, they can't pay us that quick. I totally have no issues with that, because being an actress myself, we faced this almost every single time in our lives. That's the harsh truth that nobody actually know. Actors and actresses sometimes get late payment too, from production house, that's because "budget" aren't given yet to them, therefore insufficient enough to pay us. There was once, a drama that I acted in, I got the payment only after the whole drama was aired on TV. Imagine, only after the end of the whole series, then I get my pay? Yes, these are the shitty things we go through that public doesn't know, but personally for me, there's no need to air it anywhere. But I'm so glad the whole system is getting better now. And in fact, all of my pay cheques from Gushcloud will be ready between 30-60 days the most. I was really impressed and I can proudly say I don't really have any late payment issues with them now.

Now why I say Gushcloud has helped me out in my blogging career? They gave me so much opportunity to work with people. Big brands, big names. From gadgets, to beauty products, to food review or even travel opportunities. I'll never get all these opportunity, without them. And the people I met in the Gushcloud team are simply the best. I remember having a talk with Althea, telling her how I want to purse my acting career abroad, and the next thing she did, linking me up with people there. Her sincerity and genuinely in wanting me to be successful, not JUST as a blogger, had me so much respect towards a person like her. And to most people who thinks the company isn't doing well, the only thing I would say, I would have probably pack my bags and leave by then. Doesn't it makes any sense here?

I am writing here not because I am defending Gushcloud (just because of this whole Saga incident), I am just sharing my thoughts and views as an average blogger myself. Honestly, I drafted the first part of this post about two months ago but didn't had a chance to continue writing. Haha. No, I'm not told to write this neither I am paid for this whole post.

I guess we all need a reality check. We can be famous now, but 10 years down the road, there might be someone else out there who will be more famous. We can be the top now, but few years down the road, there will be someone else be on top of you. Accept that harsh truth. There will always be a change. It works in every industry. There will always be competitor everywhere. Today, we are all using iPhone 6. Next year, Samsung will probably come up with a new gagdet, S6? iPhone 7? I don't know? Haha. Back then, we have Westlife being the best boy band in town. Today, One Direction is the famous one. Today, we have "Actor X" acting in several dramas and shows. In two years time, an upcoming star "Actor Y" will be on the limelight. You get what I'm trying to say here? There will forever be a change. Learn how to accept changes, and not be sour about it.

My advice, stay true to yourself. Stay true to your roots. I remember clearly when I started blogging, was not to be the best blogger, to compete, or to be famous. I blogged because I love penning down my thoughts, my daily life and sharing my experience. I don't blog for living. I love sharing with people. And I always wish to inspire young readers out there. Being a blogger, we should always be ready to learn. Willing to work hard. Be creative. Be you. As we all know, the population of Malay bloggers is very little here in Singapore compared to Chinese bloggers. But, it really doesn't matter to me. I am here not to keep up with the other famous, well-known bloggers. I am here not to pretend to be like them, or try too hard to blend in to be just like them. I am me, and that's it. Yeap, a Malay Blogger, I am. Some might have known me as an actress in the malay industry, while others might know me as an online personality, or a blogger myself. If you aspire to be a blogger, be true to yourself. Be you. Don't fake yourself. Don't try too hard. Don't be a blogger just because you want all the sponsorships. Don't be a blogger just because you want to be famous. Fame will come along the way, with great respect from your loyal fans and readers.

But remember, fame is just temporary. Remember that. Yes, no doubt is a great feeling when people recognise you when you're out there. (Sometimes I get discounts going to hawker markets & stalls to buy food. So many nice & amazing people out there!) But, being famous isn't that great, sometimes. Whatever you do, people judge. Wherever you go, people notice. Whatever you wear, people will comment. It's really annoying, to come and think of it. Hahaha. Like I can be digging my itchy nose inside the bus and people will probably tweet, "Saw Lydia Izzati digging her nose." Like, whaaaaat!? Lol. Even recently during my Bali trip, a local there approached me at the airport and asked me whether I'm an actress from Singapore. And I was actually shocked? Ok lah, maybe he was just guessing and he got it right :p

When you have the fame, please don't use it against others to bring them down. If you have the power of influencing others in the social media, why not put it to good cause? Like inspire others? I am truly against cyber bullying, and I know it's definitely not an easy place to be in, when you get being attacked from others. (Back then it's all about hatetags on tagboard.. who remembers that!?) Well, as far as I remember, throughout my blogging days, the only time I was cyber bullied was nasty comments left on my tagboard.  Oh god.. those were the days! Hahaha! But hey, I have haters too. But I loved them anyway. Because without them, there won't be any reason for me to look forward to be a better person. Therefore, spread the positive vibes!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and have a pleasant weekend ahead! :)

Lydia Izzati


  1. Kudos Lydia! Keep doing what you do best! =)

  2. you are still a normal average next door girl :)

  3. i've been reading your blog since oh-thatsjuliet and those tagboard days haha! :)

    1. Oh nooooo that's really way long time ago! I'm glad you still do read my blog! Thank you so much! <3

  4. love the heartfelt blog post darl. I'm a fan! stay true and may allah bless you with endless opportunities!


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