Monday, January 5, 2015

2015, what's your resolution?

It's that time again. The year 2014 is officially closed. We can now forget all of our past mistakes and horrific life choices of 2014 and look ahead to a new beginning. “2015 will be different,” you assure yourself on New Year’s Eve. “I’ll lose that 40kg. I’ll quit smoking cigarettes.” But resolutions like these always set you up for disaster. Is there one person out there who can seriously tell me that they followed through with each resolution they made for the year 2014? Once the clock strike 12 midnight on new year, it doesn’t mean you suddenly become a new you. A new year does not magically equip you with willpower, or motivation, or an intolerance of fatty foods. 

Because to be honest, New Year's stresses me out. There's too many expectations, too many resolutions people make but never keep. Well, I've never been a pessimist though. I've always believe that things will work out, if you work for it. If you work hard for what you want, then you'll get it. I believe in luck and soul mates, and happy endings. Life may not be perfect as it, and it'll be boring if it were.

This year, let's be realistic with our annual expectations. Be reasonable so we can actually accomplish something.

Here's my resolution for 2015:

1) Embark on a new career
And when I meant a new career, it got to be a career that I'll be doing for the next few years. Blogging isn't a career, it's a passion/past-time. Previous work experiences: front desk, receptionist, customer service exec, I guess it's time for a change. I shall lay low for now. Everything is still on planning, so let's wait till everything to confirm. By February, I hope!

2) Spent wisely & Save money
Yes, I gotta emphasize on this. It's not that I've not been saving, but I haven't make a habit of saving money for every pay cheque that I got. Now, that's important! I need to have more savings!

3) Driving license
Oh god damn it, I've been procrastinating this since I'm 19. Lydia, WAKE UP! Get your damn license as soon as possible! It's about time I'll be independant. And maybe, drive my boyfriend around instead of him picking me up, heh.

4) Remove unwanted and unnecessary people in my life.
Yes, definitely. It's about time to remove all these negative people in my life and stay within my own comfort zone with my loved ones. No time for dramas, gossips, bitchings and what's not.

5) Stay healthy
I shall not say my 2015 resolution to lose weight because, losing weight doesn't mean I'm healthy. So yes, stay healthy and eat healthily! Health is important!

6) Stay happy & positive
Well, I'm not gonna say it's gonna be easy. It's not going to happen all at once. There'll be a day whereby I'm gonna cry under my blankets at some nights, and think about how much life sucks. But hey, always remember why you're doing everything and be like, oh right. I have a purpose. Happiness and success doesn't happen in a linear line. That's kind of beauty of life. So, shouldn't we all give it all we got?

So, what's your 2015 resolution? :)

Lydia Izzati

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