Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RoseValley.Co, your favourite online store!

I still remember a few months back, I told myself I wished I could have the opportunity doing hijab shoots instead of normal photoshoots. That's because I've been so amazed with how talented hijabsters nowadays, that I secretly wished I could learn how to style them too. And alhamdulilah, for the past few months, I've been getting quite a number of shoots for hijabs and I'm so thankful! And because of these photoshoot opportunities, there's quite a number of tricks that I learnt from various stylists, hehe!

The recent hijab photoshoot I did was with RoseValley.Co. When I was first contacted by the owner, Kak Dian and Kak Rini, I was super excited for the shoot! Because why? They told me I'll be modelling products from my favourite celebrities! OF COURSE, WHOSE NOT EXCITED!? RoseValley.Co is one of the fastest growing brands in South-East Asia, which carries a wide range of products from well-known celebrities such as, *ehem* my twin Neelofa, my idol Nora Danish, Erma Fatima, Emma Maembong, Rossa and many more. With RoseValley.Co, it's just so accessible for you to get products from your favourite idols, you don't have to travel all the way to Malaysia or Indonesia just to get them. 

And these gorgeous Kaftan and Kimono piece are from Nora Danish!

Not forgetting shawls from Erma Fatima too!

So, where to get them?

Haven't you heard? RoseValley.Co will be at Expo this weekend from 15-18th January! You gotta be kidding me if you aren't aware, even Nora Danish post it on her Instagram this afternoon. Now iShy you know because my face is there on her profile :p 

So what can you expect from to get from their booth? They have wide range of collections from different various artist collections, from hijabs to shawls, abayas, outwears and many more. And specially for their expo booth, they will also be having more than 50 colors for all of their Nealofar Hijab Collection! You'll definitely go crazyyyyyy and be split for choices, I tell you. No kidding. My favourite will definitely be from the Babes and Basic collection. Made from cotton lyrca, it's just so comfortable and hassle free, plus I don't have to worry about pins! 

And of course, good things I must always share, you know? 
Specially for my readers, do remember to mention "Lydia Izzati" during purchase and you'll get 10% off! Yes, simple as that. Don't be shy ok, just tell the kakaks-kakaks jambu there, "Hi! I'm Lydia's friend/follower/reader." Then remember to smile... and there you go, 10% off for you!

Not to forget! The first 50 customers to queue up on Saturday and Sunday from 12noon onwards will get a FREE Nealofar Hijab gift box! It'll be a great idea if you're planning to get for your friend, sister, girlfriend, mummies, aunties.

Event details:
 Expo Hall 6, Booth J13
15th January - 18th January
12pm to 10pm

Don't forget to check them out at their various social media platforms! 

Oh do take note! You won't be able to access to their website for now because they're all so busy preparing for this weekend's sale, so just come down at Expo and purchase straight! Easier, right? ;) 

I might be heading down one of the days! Hehehe planning to get more for myself and my mum if I have the time. So, who knows if I might bump into you ladies? See ya'll there if I can! ;)

Lydia Izzati

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