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Review on Zeta En Rawdah | Rosevalley.Co @ Singapore Expo

I'm pretty sure isn't new to anybody by now. is the sole distributor for Nealofar Hijab, Leuniey Natasha Hijab and many other famous celebrities brand.  I've blogged about them previously on their event, and here I am.. bringing good news to you ladies once again.

RoseValley will be having a booth this coming 26th-29th March for MegaExpress Halal 2015 at Singapore Expo 5! 

For those of you who've been to their previous private events, you should know by now how crazy the crowd can be. Be sure to be early, so that you won't be disappointed if it goes out of stock! Their items are always selling fast like pancakes, even for myself I had to wait till the next batch to arrive :( 

Anyway, I was invited to their private event two weeks ago on the launching of the new product that they'll be bringing in. 

"Zeta En Rawdah"
Zeta En Rawdah is an illustration of its founder from the two gorgeous sisters, Rozita Che Wan and Ayu Raudah. It personifies a person of immaculate style and impeccable beauty who holds admirable  persona and often regarded as successful individual in their society. 

Truly humbled that I get the opportunity to meet Ayu Raudah personally. She's super friendly and down-to-earth!

And of course, I was given the chance to try out their products! 

Two Kingdoms
If you're a fan of instant hijabs, this shall be a prefect one for you! Similar to all the instant hijabs out there, you just have to put it, no styling skills required, no inner required and you're good to go! But what makes it different from the rest, of it's unique two-tone colors. Two kingdoms present two colors of express shawl to be combined into one. You can simply flip to the other side if you feel like wearing a different color! More of like 2 for the price of 1? :)

Tadah! Works perfectly for me! Love it!

Lace Grace
Lace Grace is a shawl that presents a person that loves simplicity with a tint of glamorous touch. It's semi sheer and made of Chiffon Gorgette. This shawl requires a little bit of basic styling. Works like any other hijab, you'll need to put on an inner before putting on Lace Grace. My mum love this piece! 

Pardon me for my not having so much skills in donning a hijab, might not be perfect to any out there but at least I tried! And Insha Allah in time to come I will be able to do it :)

So, which Team you're at? 
Team Zeta or Team Rawdah? 

Well, if you ask me.. errrr I can't decide! If you love simplicity, basic and classic, you'll love the Two Kingdoms. And if you're up for bold and elegance, you'll definitely love Lace Grace! 

I would pick Two Kingdoms anytime, because for a beginner like me, I'd prefer anything that's instant. Just put it on, and you're all good to go! Maybe in the future when I'm better hands on in styling the hijab, Lace Grace would be perfect. Price wise? Reasonable & affordable! You can check out their website for their full range of their products here.

Now, will be having booth at Singapore Expo from 26th March-29th March, so please don't miss out ok? And if you wants to see Ayu Raudhah in person, she will be making an appearance on the 28th March (Saturday) from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. Fans can take pictures with her with every Zeta En Rawdah Hijab purchase! 

 Singapore Expo Hall 5, Booth G17 & G18
26th-29th March 2015 (Thursday-Sunday)
12 noon - 10pm

And of course, any special discounts for my readers? Of course there is! RoseValley.Co is always very nice in giving discounts to my readers, hehe! :p

There you go! 

Print this out for your mummies, aunties, girlfriends, and don't forget to use the $5 voucher! :D

Happy shopping!

Don't forget to check them out at their various social media platforms:

Lydia Izzati

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