Saturday, September 19, 2015

Knock knock... whose there?

Almost everyone has been asking me, what I've been up to? My last update was in April! Yikes. I've not been blogging for quite awhile, that's because 1) There's virus in my MacBook therefore whenever I tried to use it, it'll keep on crashing. Too many pop-ups, and so forth. I'll get annoyed and then I'll dump them aside. It's really making my life difficult to blog at the moment. Well, you served me well for 5 years now dear macbook. It's time to get you replaced soon. 2) Secondly, I've been dying to get this blog layout replaced for A YEAR now as promised by some. But urgh, whatever. I'll get it done myself soon. 3) Spent a couple of months making my trip to and fro to Kuala Lumpur.

And that's what I'm gonna talk about next.

For some of you who might have known, I've recently took one step further in my acting career to go across the border. Yes, finally, I've made up my mind. It took me actually a year to decide if I should, can you believe it?! As you know, it's not easy. I'm a home person, and I get home sick easily. I prefer to stay within my comfort zone. I can't leave my room for days. I'm very attached to my family and Aiman, and the list goes on. So to me, leaving all these behind was really a big deal to me. And I'm actually glad I did. Because I felt that if I don't, I would have probably regret few years down the road. I strongly believe that opportunity doesn't come twice knocking on your door, therefore, grab the chance and embrace every moment of it.

Beginning was always the hardest. Adapting to a whole brand new environment. New people. New lifestyle. New working pattern. To be honest, it's tough. And I know it'll get tougher after this. The first few days when I was all alone in KL, I broke down so bad. I wanted to go home so badly. I know nobody, I have nobody. I was on my own. I had to figure out my way to wherever I go. Screw to whoever whom you thought might help you out when you're there, pfft. Yep, till the extend I go broke because in KL, you'll need to cab to every destination. Unless you have a car of course. I kept on topping up my phone credit because gb runs out very fast. It was a crazy ride, indeed.

Alhamdulilah, everything went well. Managed to wrap it up on time. Managed to get home for Hari Raya on time too. It was a good experience. I shall not say much, but I can't wait for the final outcome. Most likely it'll be premiering in January 2016, therefore, keep yourself updated with this space!

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  1. i remebered when i first landed in china .. i broke down.. i missed my friends and especially my cat.. start making friends and remeber your laptop will be your best friend! find friends locals that will teach u the ins and outs.. soon.. kl will be your new home!! youl love it and nt wanna come home .. all the best!


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