Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nora Danish: Meet & Greet x Launch of OWL by ND

RoseValley.Co isn't something new to everyone, let's not deny the fact. We all know where to get our favourite celebrities apparels from easily just from the tip of our fingers!

Where to get Neelofa's hijab collection? 

Where to get Erra Fazira's yummy cookies?

Where to get Rozita Che Wan and Ayu Raudhah's hijab collection?
Again, RoseValley.

I know this lovely couple behind RoseValley.Co since the first time I had a photoshoot with them back then. That was.. about a year ago in 2014? Such a hard-working couple, I must say. They're always striving to improve in every aspect. Be it from customer's satisfaction to maintaining good relation with customers. Whenever I looked at them, they always inspire me to run my own business one fine day. Dian and Hadi, if you're reading this, thank you for always not forgetting me to be part of RoseValley and for always inviting me to every events! Heh. So dear future husband out there, I hope you'll share the exact sentiments with me to be my business partner, my righthand man, my supporter, and we shall run a business together, ok? Hahahahahaha ok enough.

So like I mentioned before, RoseValley.Co is always striving to serve their customers better each day. Thus, this time round I heard there was a good response in Nora Danish's new hijab collection, and this was the reason why they held Nora Danish's Meet & Greet here in Singapore!

It wasn't my first time meeting Nora in person, but every time I see her, she'll always give me butterflies in my tummy. 

Owl By Nora Danish
Currently they have launched five different kinds of hijab: 
Velvet Rose, Emily, Tulip Aroma, Owl Diamond, Shawl ND Lara

With one of the sponsors for the event, Kak Rozza, founder of Karva Salon.

And of course, me and my silly pose. 

So here's one of the hjiab that I picked, Instant Shawl by ND, Owl Diamond. As you know, I love anything that's instant. Be it instant maggie, or instant packet drink...... hahaha, ok kidding. But don't we all love Instant!? Because instant means quick preparation; a minimal amount of time and effort to prepare. I love the fact that I don't have to worry so much about styling it, pinning it here and there, just put it on and.... tadah!

What I love about this one, it is made of "Lycra Cotton", thus, it's comfy!

Next pick would be, Shawl ND Laura. Made of Italian Crepe Chiffon, therefore it's soft and lightweight!

Pardon me for my basic styling, I'm still practising to have different styles. 

Go get yours now at their website!
Or follow them in Instagram @RoseValleySg

Here's a good news to RoseValley customers! They'll be having a booth on 24-27th December at Singapore expo hall 6B from 11am to 9pm, booth c10! Anddddddd! I heard, on 27th December, Ziana Zain will be coming to launch her outfits! Therefore, stand a chance to get a picture taken with her if you buy her apparels! :)

See you guys there!

Till then!

Lydia Izzati

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