Monday, August 15, 2016

*wipes dust away*

Well, hello there once again, my dear personal space. I've not been blogging for the longest period of time. I lost interest, somehow. So here I am, trying to gain back my interest once again.

I've also received quite a number of messages from Facebook/Instagram in regards to relationship advices. I'm no love doctor here, but.. I'lll share as much as I can.

Thus, specially to dear young girls out there, please don't be too naive.

Here's what I've learnt previously. I used to think that, it's okay to wait for changes. Truth is, nope. That's not okay, and that will never be. Admit it, you don't know what you're waiting for. Are you waiting for him to change? For the better? Are you waiting for him to recognise how loyal you are? Are you waiting for him to realise how patient you are? Are you waiting for signs and a glimpse of hope that he will change? Because honey, trust me, he won't. Because if it's truly worth it, he won't keep you waiting.

Because waiting for someone to change means you're okay with that person treating you like you are not important, or you don't deserve his/her time. Because waiting for someone means that you don't value yourself enough to realize that if someone cares enough, they will not keep you waiting or wondering. You are simply choosing to blind your own eyes from seeing the truth that will eventually blindside you. Waiting for someone to change is not a sign of loyalty or strength, it's a sign of denial and ignoring what you are already know to be true. I used to tell myself, "It's okay, he'll change someday. He'll stop cheating someday." Now I look back on the time I've wasted, I think I'm such a joke. Lol!

Bottom line, if you must wait.. Wait to be chosen everyday. Wait to be reminded that you're special, wait to be loved in every single ways, wait to be taken seriously, and wait for someone who doesn't keep you waiting. Because you know, you deserve better than waiting around for someone to make up their mind.

If you think he's just keeping you for now to make you as his wife, but still cheating with girls & woman along the way, please take your stand and leave. Quickly.

You'll have no idea what Allah has better plans in store for you, for the future. Alhamdulilah, I am so much happier now with life.

I'll share on my next post on what I've been up to :)

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